Vision Board Party on a Dime

Posted On Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
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Today I’m deviating from the normal budget fashion and thrift tips to tell you guys how I spent my weekend. My friends and I hosted a vision board party. I’m a serious believer in the power of words and positive thoughts so my girl Danielle, The Frugal Fatshionista, and I decided to get together with the girls for a night of sharing our future hopes and goals with one another.

And of course we had a great time without spending much cash. We set the scene at Danielle’s place. We had affordable eats {everyone brought something to snack on and some takeout from Domino’s} and items like plates, forks and even plastic wine glasses were from the dollar store. Seriously, the dollar store is my go-to place for party decorations and settings.

As far as supplies, we just clipped out images and words from old magazines. We all had different methods for how we put our boards together. Some people taped, glued or tacked items on poster board and others, like myself, used cork boards. I purchased a pack of four cork squares from Target for about $10.

Instead of placing items directly on the cork, I wrapped it in old wallpaper and glued select images to the paper.

There’s no wrong way to make a vision board. No matter what supplies you use, it’s a great way to paint a picture of the future you want.

Before we left, we all briefly discussed our board and why we chose the images and words we did. The girls and I had a blast. We shared horrible dating stories, ate, drank, laughed and enjoyed a Saturday night of sisterhood.

I’m still working on my board, but I think I want every cork panel to focus on different areas of my life {love, career, spirituality, etc.}.

If you need more inspiration for a vision board, check out this article on, How to Make a Vision Board-and How Can It Change Your Life?

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6 thoughts on “Vision Board Party on a Dime

  1. OMG! Excellent idea for a get together with the ladies.  I love the vision board idea as I have a few myself and it definitely works wonders in one’s life.  Great job!

  2. This would be something nice to do on new years eve/new years day.
    What a wonderful way to start a new year.
    I’m going to suggest this to my friends.

    Thanks!! 🙂

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