Why You Should Shop the Men’s and Children’s Section

Posted On Monday, July 1st, 2013
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how women can wear men's button downs

A few weeks ago I dipped in to Target for some ice cream and of course I had to check the clothes out. Nothing really caught my eye, but as I made my way to the frozen food aisle, I spotted a pair of camo shorts. But the shorts weren’t in the women’s department. They were in the little boy’s section.
I grabbed the biggest size available and hit the fitting room.
They actually fit pretty well. Randomly stumbling in to another department turned out to be a great decision. And I suggest you do the same every now and then. Maybe you can’t rock kid’s clothing, but peeking in to the plus size, guy’s or girl’s section can’t hurt and here’s why…
For better or worse, a lot of children’s clothing is pint sized adult gear {prints, bold colors, etc.} so you’ll be right on trend and even save a few bucks. If you’re a petite woman, this is a great option for tanks, tees and even some larger bottoms.
Sure, you could shop the ladies section for boyfriend jeans, or you could just buy jeans made for the guys. The relaxed fit works well with a fitted top and strappy sandals. And I’m all about shopping for button downs in the men’s aisles. A more fitted shirt can be tucked in to pencil skirts or go for an oversized shirt with leggings or skinny jeans.
Plus Size:
Even if you’re not a curvy girl, don’t count plus size fashion out. Belting a cardigan, blazer or dress is a fun, flirty look for any season.
Whether you’re thrift shopping or at a major department store, take a few laps around the sections of the store you’d normally never shop.
Have you ever shopped other sections of the store and what have you found? How did you wear the garment so it worked for your body and style?
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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Shop the Men’s and Children’s Section

  1. I definitely agree!!! I’ve been doing that for a couple of years now, and I find that shopping in the men’s and children’s section is much cheaper at times and I still find cute clothes!

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