Thrift Shopping in San Francisco: Part One

Posted On Friday, May 18th, 2012
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Earlier this week I gave you guys a look at what I wore during my San Francisco trip. But you know I couldn’t venture to a new city without checking out the thrift shopping scene. Let me tell you, San Fran thrifting is amazing! I thrifted last year in L.A. but the Bay Area is by far {in my opinion} superior and more convenient. I actually had two days of secondhand shopping, but for today, let’s focus on the shopping I did in the Mission. Chandra from MoMoMod suggested I check this area out and I’m glad she did.

The Mission is a pretty colorful neighborhood in its design {peep the awesome mural above} and the eccentric personalities. My first stop of the day was Thrift Town {2101 Mission St}. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was going to become BFFs with Thrift Town. It was organized and massive: two floors and pretty spread out.

People frequently tell me they feel overwhelmed when walking in to a thrift store, but nowadays, more of them are organizing based on garments and even color.

On the day I was there, anything with a blue tag was half off, so I naturally went looking for blue tagged items. After an hour of shopping, I had an overflowing cart of goodies that needed to be paired down, as I wanted everything to fit in my large carry-on.

I ended up buying…

Sweetheart neckline H&M dress

An oversized, silk shirt

Satin LBD from Express

A sturdy straw bag, which is perfect for summer

In total I spend $17 {the pink dress wasn’t half off, grr}. After getting a bite to eat {thrifting is a serious work out}, I made my way to Mission Thrift {2330 Mission St}

…but it was closed!

However, there was no need for disappointment, I walked a few blocks over to Valencia Street where there are a few other secondhand shops. I randomly stumbled in to Community Thrift but I was less than impressed and walked out five minutes later. But I hit the jackpot with Clothes Contact {473 Valencia St}, a vintage shop where clothes are $10 per pound.

This was another store where items were organized by decades {50s, 60, etc} and even fun categories like 80s sparkle, velvet and cocktail.

The garments here were amazing, especially if you favor girly dresses, sequins or vintage blouses. However, I did notice stains, tears and missing sequins and beads on quite a few pieces, so as with any secondhand shop, inspect everything closely.

I spent close to two hours in the shop and picked up almost a dozen pieces {high waisted jean shorts, cropped top, skirts, etc.} for $31 but below are three of my top pieces…

Though I’ve heard you’re not supposed to wear a Boy Scouts shirt unless you were an actual member, there were two racks of troop shirts and I had to get this badge-heavy one.

Clothes Contact also had a large bin of lingerie {slips, garter belts, etc} that was so reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Call me crazy but I want to wear this slip as a dress, by either wearing something underneath or adding a liner. It has such a summery, breezy feel.

My favorite piece has to be this black gown I found on the “90s prom” rack. Lace bodice with metal clasps and a slit up the back, what’s not to love? I have no idea where I’ll wear this, but I love it.

I didn’t have time or energy left to check out the Goodwill {1580 Mission St} but I ened up scoring some pieces at Goodwill on Haight St. a few days later.

Check back next week for part two of my San Francisco thrifting trip. The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood has back to back thrift and vintage stores and I found some great thrift store scores.

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15 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping in San Francisco: Part One

  1. This is awesome! I am Bay Area and am familiar with the East Bay haunts, but you just showed me a few places I have to check out. Thank you!!! And, yes, Thrift Town is the BEST! All their stores are organized, clean, and generally reasonably priced. 

  2. I love that last black dress. So cute. I’m planning a trip to Oakland so I’ll have to visit some of these stroes!

  3. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, that slip and the black dress just gave me life. I’ve been so LA and San Fran and I didn’t get a chance to hit up the thrift shops 🙁 I’m so jealous right now; LOL!! I cannot wait to see part 2 of your trip. 

  4. thanks to you, i visited a thrift store for the first time in ages! in the past, i would get overwhelmed, so when i stumbled across the one i immediately liked it because it’s small. it has only been open a few months and the racks aren’t jammed tight, another plus for me. i walked out with an on-trend aztec purse, pussybow blouse, and Jones New York jacket – all for $9!

  5. That thrift store looks very nice but I’m a larger size person and need patience to look through trying to find the right size but you made out great 17 bucks with all that awesome

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  8. Nice, I’ve been to all those joints (live here) but now I keep it real at Ross at 4th and Market, Forever 21 and Out of the Closet’s Dollar Rack. Shopping, even on the cheap here adds up. That and my Norma Kamali all in one bought from Walmart when she used to sell there, and I am straight.

  9. Thank you for checking out our San Francisco Thrift Town!  We follow you and are so excited you loved our store!  Next time you’re in town, let us know!  We’ll give you a VIP backroom tour! 
    PR and Social Media Diva for Thrift Town Stores

    • Thanks Gina. I’ll definitely let you guys know the next time I’m in town…which I hope is sooner than later! 

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