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Posted On Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
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So if you guys follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook fan page, then you already know what I was doing yesterday morning…I was filming a segment for The Nate Berkus show!!! Sorry for the exclamation points, but no, I’m not sorry. I’m overjoyed right now.

I don’t want to give full details just yet, but rest assured I’m spreading my love of thrift shopping with the nation. Next week I’m filming the in studio segment and the show’s set to air in September. Of course I’ll update you when I have a firm date.

I’m just happy to have the opportunity to spread the Looking Fly on a Dime motto that your style isn’t determined by your wallet.

And while I was out filming for the show, I found a great piece at the Salvation Army {46th St between 10th and 11st, one of my favorite thrift locations}. This Ralph Lauren crested blazer was just $8.99.

Similar styles {here and here} retail for close to $300. It’s not just a typical jersey blazer, but the details make it stand out: the crest, striped trim and buttons. Clearly, this beauty is my new fave piece in my closet, but I say that about every new item I buy.

Thanks to everyone who reached out to me yesterday on Facebook and Twitter in regards to me taping the Nate Berkus show. I’ll be sure to let you know the air date as soon as I find out.

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16 thoughts on “My Big News…

  1. Sweet jacket Patrice! I’m a little jealous. Long time reader, first time commenter. Its super super hard to thrift for maternity clothes (I’m 7 months pregnant) so I have to wait til winter to start again!!

  2. Can you PLEASE tell me who created this logo for you? I LOVE it and I need one for my blog. I wanted to send you a private message but I didn’t see the option here or on FB; I apologize 🙁 

    • I’ll email you his info. Also, there’s a contact page at the top of the blog if you ever want to send a personal message 🙂

  3. Hi 🙂 I have to let you know that I was a guest on the Nate Berkus Show on the day that you were there and I have been a fan ever since. You looked absolutely fabulous!!! It is so hard to not ignore your responsibilities and still look amazing. I find myself constantly putting my self aside because everything in the mall is too damn expensive. Clearance racks only offer the plain jane boring items that everyone else has and I just walk away wearing the same items over and over again. I have jotted down all the stores you have recommended and will visit each one. Thank Heavens for New York because Jersey doesn’t have any thrift stores worth visiting.

    Can’t wait to read more of what you have to share. Good luck in all that you do, you did awesome on the show.

    • Hi Mari,
      Thanks so much! Actually, Jersey has some great stores as well. Some of the pieces I featured on the show came from the Goodwill on Rt. 17 in Paramus. Trust me, there are great thrift stores everywhere, it’s just a matter of trial and error to find the right one. 

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