Joys of Dating (on a Dime)

Posted On Monday, October 19th, 2009
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Dinner for two: $40+
Movies: $20+
Meeting a guy or gal who floats your boat: priceless
Not being able to pay your cell bill because you blew your $$ on a date: STUPID

This recession doesn’t have to mean swearing off dates, though one man might disagree with me. I simply see it as a challenge to be a bit more inventive. Even something as simple as dinner and a movie can be quite complicated when your money is a little funny. But seriously, if you’re over 22 and that’s your idea of a date, you need to step it up anyway.

Early Bird Gets Worm
The earlier in the day or night, the more likely you are to find a place that’s offering an affordable deal. Try one of your favorite lounges, they probably have a happy hour special before 8 or 9p.m. Of course you already know lunch selections are cheaper than dinner, but what about Saturday or Sunday brunch? Thanks to jury duty this summer, I learned about a spot in NYC that has a $10 special, which includes an entree and 2 drinks. Yes, there was an attempted murder there, but the food’s good!

Take it to the Streets
Outdoor concerts and festivals are your best friends if the weather permits. One of the best dates I had was when I guy invited me to Shakespeare in the Park. I was super impressed with his originality and frugality. The tickets to the play were free and afterwards we enjoyed people watching in SoHo with ice cream to keep us cool. He turned out to be a douche, but the date was cute.

Field Trip
Remember being in school and taking a trip to the local museum or zoo? Do the same with your date! And this time you won’t need a permission slip. Many of these spots have reduced, free or pay-what-you-wish admission on some days.

Chef It Up
One of the easiest ways to impress a date is by prepping a homemade meal. You prepare a delish dish and your date brings dessert or wine. Or you can bond by cooking the meal together! This date is only after you’ve established the person isn’t crazy (you don’t want to invite just any ‘ol body to your home).

I refuse to let this recession cramp my dating lifestyle. It’s times like this we need a snuggle buddy to keep us warm!

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