Posted On Thursday, October 22nd, 2009
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You remember Jetsetter, the online travel agency that offers exclusive deals to luxury hotels? Well, they’ve been up and running for a few weeks and have had some pretty amazing sales. After booking my L.A. trip, I checked the site out and was elated to see the Sunset Tower is going for $129/night. Prime Hollywood location and amenities galore make it the place to be (oh, and Vanity Fair has their annual Oscar party there). Of course $129 isn’t my definition of cheap, but for this hotel, $129 is as good as it gets. Jetsetter prices in general aren’t that economical, but if you’re looking for luxury, at a lower cost, they have it. Their current sales include yacht cruises around the Caribbean and Central America.

Access to Jetsetter is by invitation only, but of course I’ll hook you up. Click to join and learn about their swanky deals and steals.

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  1. Great, Jess. Be sure to check their site each week for sales (for some reason I never receive their emails to be alerted about new sales).

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