Still Scared to Travel Alone? These 7 Tips Will Help You Get Over Your Fears

Posted On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017
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solo-women-traveler-travel-tips-for-women-solo-traveler-women-travelers “Don’t be like that movie Taken!” 
I had a family member say that to me when I told him I was traveling to Belize by myself. He jokingly referred to the movie Taken and being kidnapped and sold in to slavery! Because clearly that’s what happens when women travel alone, right? Not! And even in the movie, she was traveling with a friend.
If you’ve always wanted to travel solo but felt intimidated, here are a few tips.

I previously wrote a post for women who want to travel alone {7 Ways for Women to Save, Have Fun and Be Safe When Traveling Alone}, but today’s post is all about how to feel confident and self assured while embarking on a solo journey.

Stop Assuming People Think You’re a Loser
Sometimes there’s a paranoia associated with traveling alone. Maybe you’re thinking, “people are looking at me because I’m alone.” You know what, you’re right! They are looking at you. But I can guarantee you most people aren’t thinking you’re a friend-less loser who can’t find anyone to travel with you. No one’s judging you.
Use the Same Common Sense You Use at Home
Have your spidey senses ever started tingling and you felt like you were in an unsafe situation? I’m sure that’s happened when you were in your hometown, city or country. The same thing can happen when you travel. The key is to understand those instincts and respect them. So the same instincts you use at home {not straying too far from a crowd, taking an unfamiliar route when it’s late, drinking in excess when you’re alone, etc.}, should also guide you when you travel and you’ll be fine.
Don’t Look Like a Tourist
In some places you’ll naturally stick out like a tourist, but in other locales you can blend in, if you want to. And one sure fire way to blend in and not look like a “target” is to not look lost. So no standing in the middle of a sidewalk while looking around aimlessly and no fumbling with tons of cash, especially in foreign currency. If you’re lost, don’t look confused. Just step into a populated area and ask someone in a position of authority {hotel employee, server, officer, etc.} for directions.
Don’t Tell People You’re Traveling Alone
Just because you’re traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to tell anyone or everyone. If someone asks, tell them you’re meeting your friend, waiting on your partner, siblings, etc. It’s no one’s business if you’re alone. Most people may ask this innocently, but even if they do, no need to say “it’s just me” or “I’m traveling by myself.” I even know some single women who wear a wedding ring when they’re traveling alone.
Have Fun in the Daytime
As much as I love to travel alone, I don’t always go out at night by myself. So if you feel more comfortable exploring in the daytime, that’s a-okay and it can even be cheaper. Dinner is usually more expensive, so dine out for lunch in the safety of daylight and you’ll save a few coins. Another great daytime activity is a group tour. You can learn more about a country’s history and you may even make a new friend.
Schedule Check-Ins Back Home
My family knows I love solo travel, but I also know they love peace of mind. So whenever I travel, I make sure someone back home has a photocopy of my passport, my hotel’s info and I check in each day {usually first thing in the morning} to let them know I’m safe and what I have planned for the day. If I know I’ll be without wi-fi for awhile, I state that as well so they know not to worry.
Just Do It
And my final tip for women who want to travel alone but feel intimidated? Just do it! Yes, it’s really that simple. Maybe your first solo vacation shouldn’t be somewhere around the world, but somewhere closer to home where you can get your feet wet. You’ll realize you’re just fine, everything worked out well and that will give you further incentive to travel alone again in the future. looking-fly-on-a-dime-travel-on-a-dime-how-to-travel-solo-travel-alone-tips
Solo travel does not have to feel intimidating. I can guarantee you {seriously, guarantee!} that once you do it, you won’t regret it.
Do you feel uncomfortable about traveling alone? What tips do you have for women who want to travel alone?
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5 thoughts on “Still Scared to Travel Alone? These 7 Tips Will Help You Get Over Your Fears

  1. Great article. I have been traveling solo overseas for over 20 years and I love it. There is no much freedom to do what you want when you want. I have met some really interesting people. I would add that you should use a small cross body purse or a concealed money belt because anyone traveling solo is more of a target for potential thieves.

  2. Thanks for writing about this common dilemma. I have traveled domestically several times in the past and loved it. I am all about safety first. I book a hotel room close to the elevator , not at the end of a quiet, lonely hallway. I also do not go to a bar or club at night alone. I am a day person, so most of my site seeing is done in the day light hours. I am conscience of how I dress. Something too sexy could send the wrong message , if I am dining alone, for instance.
    One saving grace for me is, I talk to strangers wherever I am. I have chatted up with a group of women looking for a nice place to have breakfast in D.C. and they invited me to join them! I have met numerous travelers from around the country and have shared a meal and had wonderful conversations. If a woman does not want to be tied down with a fellow traveler and their ideas of fun are different from yours, traveling alone can be ideal. Starting out small by traveling alone for a weekend will prepare you for longer trips. Try it… you’ll love it!

    • I love that you enjoy solo travel. I realized it’s such a dilemma for some. And yes, it’s always great to chat up strangers. I’ve met so many great and just interesting people this way.

      I think the first solo trip I took was to Chicago for a weekend, so it was such a nice way for me to be alone but not too far away from home. Since then, I’ve embraced solo travel!

  3. Great post! Never mind, I find it a little funny, but overall it’s a nice post. I know that traveling alone can bore anyone but you suggested me best ideas to enjoy alone while traveling. Traveling alone can give you the freedom to do anything of your choice. Thanks for sharing your valuable ideas with us.

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