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Posted On Monday, December 30th, 2013
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I’ve been blogging for four years now and I can admit, things tend to get a bit stale. So that’s why last week I asked you guys to take a short reader survey {you can still take it, here} to get a better idea of what you like, dislike or want more of.

Combined with a few of the results and some ideas I’ve been playing around with, I wanted to share what’s new for Looking Fly on a Dime® in 2014.

looking fly on a dime thrifty threads challenge

  • Posts will increase from three to five days a week
  • A lot of you have signed up for my newsletter {if you haven’t, please do so on the sidebar} and I have to admit, I suck at sending it out. Now, the newsletter will go out once a week. Yay for consistency. This will be your chance to stay current on the posts and I’ll even offer some tidbits exclusive to newsletter subscribers. So be sure to sign up, the form is to your right.
  • Thrifty Threads 365: The no new clothes for a year is resuming on January 1 and I’m pumped. A few of you have commented that you’re joining the challenge and I love it! If you can’t commit to only thrift shopping for a full year, just do a month or two. Full details on Thrifty Threads 365 can be found here. I’ll be asking some of you to show off your thrifty style once a month on the blog and please share your finds online and tag them #ThriftyThreads365 for everyone to see. I’ll also check in with you every week to showcase my latest thrift hauls and outfit posts {I just hired an amazing photographer to take crisp pics!} so you can see how I style everything.
  • New features include Cubicle Chic {how to look stylish in the workplace}, DIY {do it yourself projects that anyone of any skill level can achieve} and Decorating on a Dime {your home should be just as stylish as your threads}.

This is just a peek at what’s new for the year. If you have any other suggestions, please complete the anonymous reader survey {takes less than five minutes} or comment down below!

Cheers to an amazing 2014.

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One thought on “What’s New for Looking Fly on a Dime in 2014

  1. I want to/need to do this! We lost about a third of our income this past quarter, and i am wanting to change into a more feminie and somewhat modest wardrobe on an almost non-existant budget. So far, I bought socks at Wally World for my husband. Nothing for anyone else the first two days of January. We have three birthdays in the next three months, so i’m nor sure I can do nothing, but i am definately going out for retail therapy at my favorite mall or department stores!

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