How to Wear Vintage without Looking Like You Stepped Out a Time Machine

Posted On Thursday, November 12th, 2015
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Vintage clothing can get a bad rap. While I appreciate a garment that’s 20+ years old, I totally get that some people think the pieces are outdated, tattered and hard to wear without looking costume-y. It’s totally possible to style vintage threads in a modern way. Because remember, fashion is cyclical, so what’s currently trending has already been done.

Here’s how I styled a few vintage clothes in a fun, even edgy way.

thrifty-threads-thrift-shopping-how-to-wear-vintage-vintage-dressing-vintage-high-waist-red-trousers black-and-white-leather-zipper-jacket-stud-strapless-shirt-high-waist-pants
Can you tell what item{s} are vintage?? Ok, I’ll tell you.

Everything I’m wearing is vintage, besides the leather jacket, which was scored from Loehmann’s a few years ago.

The high waisted pants and studded bodycon dress {I’m wearing it as a top} are from the Salvation Army and Housing Works, respectively. And the gold beaded pumps were last seen here, worn with a vintage jumpsuit this summer. I found them during one of my thrift trips with my mom.
The pants have such a formal feel, so I juxtaposed them with the edginess of studs and leather. Also, if you’re confused on what to wear with super bright colors, just compliment them with neutrals, like I did here. And though I’m wearing vintage from head to toe, everything has such a modern feel.

See, vintage doesn’t have to look dated! And for more thrifting and styling tips {including how to find affordable vintage!}, download a copy of my book Looking Fly on a Dime: How to Find Fabulous Fashion at Any Thrift Shop & Make the Cheap Look Chic. It’s packed with my tried and true tips to walk away with killer deals and a create a closet you love.


Do you like wearing head to toe vintage clothing? How would you have styled the high waisted pants?

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6 thoughts on “How to Wear Vintage without Looking Like You Stepped Out a Time Machine

  1. I love your look here! I enjoy seeing how you fashion your vintage. It’s funny, if you bought these items new you wouldn’t think twice about how to fashion them. But when they are vintage and purchased separately, over a period of time, sometimes years, it can seem difficult to create an outfit. Great advice.

    • Thanks Liz! Exactly, sometimes the label “vintage” can make people think styling has to be tricky, but it certainly doesn’t.

  2. The caption of this post made me laugh! and yess YAASSSS loving this look. I’ve been a vintage lover for over a decade and as you show the art is all in the styling. Plus its quite handy that some retro pieces are having their time again so wearing them wont make you look dated. Wearing the dress as a top- love it! (:

    • Lol, I’m glad the caption gave you a good laugh! Exactly, it’s all about styling and even the “old” stuff is new again and looks right on trend.

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