Two bags of clothes for…

Posted On Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
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under 20 bucks, love it!

under 20 bucks, love it!

I’m on a natural high right now as I just came back from checking out a Goodwill Outlet store in Long Island City, NY. The shop opened earlier this summer and I randomly stumbled upon it while at Housing Works (they’re just a few blocks apart). Everything at the outlet is priced by the pound; clothes are $1.69 and accessories are $1.79. They also have books, electronics, glassware and tons of other goodies.

I’ll go into more details in a few days (I need to clean the clothes and upload the pics) on how the store’s set up and number and quality of items I purchased, but I can tell you this store is going to be in heavy rotation on my “thrift list” and two of the items I purchased were a leather Gap jacket and a Theory military jacket. Score!

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