Traveling with Natural Hair – The Only Products You Need for Your Carry On

Posted On Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
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Traveling with Natural Hair - Must Haves for Your Carry On Bag
Traveling with natural hair can feel like a burden, especially if you love to pack light but are used to a ton of products. You want to keep your mane in tact but don’t want to bring the creams, leave-ins, oil, edge control and other items with you. So what’s a girl to do?
You really only need a few items to keep your natural hair looking great throughout your vacation in any climate.

Curl Refresher
If you want to keep your kinks and curls looking fresh, a curl cream or styler is a must. Transfer your favorite cream into a small container or bring along sample packets of your must haves. I pretty much stockpile natural hair product samples I get just so I can bring them on vacation.
A great lightweight oil can do wonders for sealing moisture in your hair. Any natural hair girl will tell you that a little goes a long way, so a few drops of your favorite oil {coconut, castor, etc.} is all you really need. And since I love products that pull double duty, this Aunt Jackie’s Soft All Over Multi-Use Oil has become a favorite of mine for the last few months. It’s a great oil that works for hair and body!
*this is totally optional, as a curl styler might be all you need.
1-2 Scarves
I always say that scarves are such an underutilized accessory. When your edges aren’t cooperating, wrap one around the perimeter of your hair or just rock a turban chic style that totally covers your mane. A bold, colorful option is always fun or bring one that’s neutral and can be worn with any outfit you packed.
Similar to the scarf, a headband can make even the messiest hair look pulled together in an instant. Luckily, they come in a ton of options, from simple thin bands to floral crowns to chain link ones that look like jewelry for your hair.
Bobby Pins and Elastic Bands
Bobby pins and elastic hair ties are a natural hair girl’s best friends, especially if the humidity has totally ruined your twist out. Pull your hair back or up and simply pin and tuck where necessary.
Comb and Brush
And finally, you might need a few styling tools. A comb and a brush. That’s it! Your favorite detangling comb can remove any snags and a brush will tame edges or flyaways.
It’s totally possible to keep your natural hair looking great on any vacation and without bringing your entire hair supply with you!
Need additional tips? Check out these packing hacks.
What hair products do you bring when you go on vacation? Do you have any double duty natural hair products?
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6 thoughts on “Traveling with Natural Hair – The Only Products You Need for Your Carry On

  1. I carry:
    *cheap conditioner = co-wash and/or leave in
    *oil or butter = seal
    *Gel = wash and go (optional)
    * bobby pins and hair ties
    * hat and/or scarf
    If I’m going to someones house I don’t bring oil ’cause I can “steal” some from persons kitchen. I can live without the cream/styler for a week or two.

  2. Since my hair is in a tapered cut, I really don’t need to bring much anymore. 🙂 Target’s offering of sample size products for natural hair is getting real good. So I’ll normally grab a travel size conditioner from the natural hair section there for co-wash/leave-in. I bring hair gel for wash n go’s and a small spray bottle to fill with water to mist and refresh my curls and a satin sleep cap. That’s it!

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