Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

Posted On Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
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Last weekend I enjoyed the lovely weather by hitting up the Housing Works Warehouse Sale. This was the first thrift store I visited when I moved to New York almost three years ago and I still enjoy this place. You dig through tons of bins and whatever clothing and accessories you can stuff in a large brown bag is yours for just $20. On this trip, I walked away with 35 items, so each piece averaged out to just over 50 cents!

Check out the short video below with a few tips I like to stick to when thrifting and a peek at some of the finds I nabbed, including a Nicole Miller sheath dress.

sidenote: It’s so weird watching yourself on camera. I had no idea I use my hands so much when I talk!

*One tip I should have included in the video is to be patient. Patient when looking for that perfect item and when dealing with other shoppers. Amazing discounts tend to bring out the worst in people and they act foolishly. While on line before the doors opened, a crotchety old man started getting a bit rowdy and harassing some people in line. We just laughed it off and chocked it up to the excitement of scoring designer duds 🙂

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