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Posted On Monday, April 26th, 2010
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Look at my pretty dress!!! Sorry for the exclamation marks but I absolutely adore my new-to-me dress and it only cost a little more than a dollar from my trusty Goodwill Outlet. I didn’t notice this gem until I saw a fellow shopper admiring it. But I guess she didn’t like it too much because she put the skirt back in the bin. I loved the print so I scurried over to snatch it up. However, I didn’t like the skirt itself, it was floor length and fishtail. Not right for my body type and where would I wear something like this? But I adored the African-like print and decided I’d just have a tailor convert it from a skirt to a tube dress.

A tailor in my area charged $50 for the modifications (was that a reasonable price for NYC?). Though the alterations cost 40 times more than the dress itself, I love the fact that I have a truly original piece.

So what do you guys think of the skirt to dress alteration? Have you ever had an item of clothing from a second-hand store altered so you can have a piece that’s truly one of a kind?

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