Thrifty Threads 365: Thrift Shopping Challenge Update

Posted On Thursday, August 14th, 2014
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Thrifty Threads 365 is a fashion challenge where I will only thrift shop for an entire year. I’ll show you how it’s easy and wallet friendly to satisfy your style needs with secondhand finds. For full details, check the original post here.


Ah, can you believe Thrifty Threads 365 is in its eighth month?! Yup, I haven’t purchased any new clothes or accessories in eight months. I’ve given you a few updates throughout this no-new-clothes shopping challenge and so far it’s been pretty easy going.

Well, that was until I broke my toe a few weeks ago.

If you’ve peeped my pics on Instagram, you’ve seen my bandaged toe. Since I can’t wear any heels and close toed shoes aren’t fully comfortable just yet, I’ve been practically living in two pairs of sandals: a t-strap pair from Kohl’s and bejeweled sandals with clear straps. They go with everything and are an upgrade from the plastic flip flops, so they’re ok for a night out.

But as you can guess, I started getting tired of these two pairs of sandals! I’ve rarely {if ever!} found cute flat sandals at a thrift store, so I was seriously tempted to break down and just buy a new pair from a department store. Sigh. However, I held strong and didn’t buy anything new. My toe’s on the mend, so I’ll be back in my beloved heels before I know it!

And I really haven’t had time to shop anyway. I’m focused on my upcoming thrift shopping ebook, to be released next month. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get exclusive info and a chapter before it’s released. Also, I’ll be hosting another Ready, Set, Thrift! event with Housing Works on September 13. Stay tuned for more info and save the date!

If you’re joining the Thrifty Threads 365 challenge, keep tagging those pics with #ThriftyThreads365. I love seeing your thrift hauls and outfits of the day! 

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