Thrifting Haul + Quick Tips

Posted On Tuesday, October 12th, 2010
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I let you guys in on my first Salvation Army trip where I racked up on quite a few items. I was amazed at all the great finds, and Wednesdays are Family Day where clothing and shoes are 50 percent off {yay}, so I had to make another quick visit. With the temps cooling down, I’m on the hunt for lightweight jackets and bold patterns to add to my existing wardrobe.

Here’s what I scored:

{say hello to my sequin vest, my new favorite item in my closet. Price: $3}

Click more to see what else I found, as well as a few tips for successful thrifting.

{the gold buttons and collar detail won me over. Price: $5. Should I remove the shoulder pads?}

{i love the plaid pattern. And at $7, i love them even more!}

Just a few quick thrift shopping tips:

  • Look Around: don’t just stick to the women’s section. As a petite gal, I always take a peak in the children’s department for fitted tops. I also found a cute chambray shirt in the men’s section.
  • Dont let the prices seduce you: before you buy that $2 dress, ask yourself if you want it because it’s a great frock or you just want it because it’s cheap. I’ve suffered from buyer’s remorse quite a few times when I buy something for a few bucks, get it home and realize it’s not my style or requires way too much repair. And most thrift stores don’t offer refunds or exchanges so think long and hard before making any purchases.
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7 thoughts on “Thrifting Haul + Quick Tips

  1. How do you clean your thrifted clothes? If it says dry clean only do you really get all your pieces dry cleaned?

    • If it’s dry clean only, then yes, I only dry clean it. I would rather spend a few bucks at the cleaner than ruin a great garment. But most of the items can be thrown in the washing machine.
      I’ll do a post next week on how to care for your thrifted items (clothes, shoes, jewelry) once you get them home 🙂

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