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Posted On Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
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Since I’m on my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge {I’m only buying thrifted items for one year}, my concern this winter was finding a coat. I have a trusty Gap peacoat but I wanted something new. I learned about the Salvation Army coat sale and I hit the jackpot.

The warehouse type sale has racks upon racks of leathers, fur, bombers and every type of outerwear you can imagine. Prices average $20-$30. Though the environment is pretty chaotic and crowded, I lucked out with a few cute options to bundle up in, but my absolute fave has to be this LOFT coat.

The neutral tones, faux fur removable collar and above the knee length. What’s not to love? And $20 for coat that would have normally cost close to $200 is pretty amazing. I wore this beauty throughout the blistery NYC winter.  It goes with everything from skinny jeans and boots to A-line skirts and pumps.

I also went to the final coat sale a month later where I racked up some more goodies. I was amazed to find that prices were even cheaper (I walked away with a Dsquared parka for $2!) If you can hold off, wait until a final sale where prices are dirt cheap. You run the risk of items being picked over, but most of the time the stores still have a ton of stuff to get rid of. Perfect for your wallet and closet.

Thrift Tip:

When thrift shopping for a coat, try to wear bulky layers. You want to be sure it fits when you rock it over your thick winter sweaters. If a coat is snug while you try it on with a thin top, it’ll never work with your big sweaters.

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