Thriftspiration: Thrift Shopping Runs in Her Blood

Posted On Friday, June 28th, 2013
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Thriftspiration is a weekly series that puts a spotlight on readers who share their secondhand shopping tips and fun ways to style thrifted finds.

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Name: Shelby
Location: Michigan

When and why did you start thrift shopping?
I have been into thrift shopping forever. Growing up it was a tradition to spend Saturdays shopping with my mother and grandmother. They would take me everywhere from malls, department stores, estate sales to thrift stores. Thrift shopping rubbed off on me naturally.

What three words would you use to describe your style?
Vintage. Classy. Cute.

How did you style your outfit {above}?
I thrifted this Ralph Lauren shirt for $2.98. It is a young boy’s shirt and the sleeves were way too short, but I knew I would wear it rolled up in a preppy style. The suspenders were thrifted for $1.98 from the men’s section and I purchased the skirt on sale at Target. The inspiration for this outfit came from seeing the suspenders, so I built upon them. Looking back I guess I was channeling Steve Urkel.

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What’s your best thrift store score (a standout garment or accessory you absolutely love or a cheap designer find)?
My best thrift store score is a pair of Escada wool pleated palazzo pants that are stunning! I have scored lots of high end labels while thrifting, but these pants take the cake. I paid $3.98 for them.

What do you wear while thrift shopping?
My signature thrift shopping outfit is leggings, a fitted tee, combat or moto boots, and my camouflage jacket. I dress like I’m ready for battle because it is that serious for me. The hunt is real. I always carry a crossbody bag so that my hands are free to comb through the racks and so I don’t have to constantly worry about lugging a purse.

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What are your favorite stores in your area?
The D.A.V. is my favorite store because it is so clean, neatly organized and brightly lit. They have large dressing rooms which is a plus. Also they are open until 8pm on Sundays while most stores in Michigan close at 6pm. The best perk about shopping at the D.A.V is that they tag some items as “Free” and up for grabs as long as you make a purchase. Also, I like Value World because after you’ve joined their mailing list they send you an occasional 50 percent off discount.

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What tips would you give to new thrifters?
Go frequently! Thrifting takes practice and you will do best when you go often. Buy the things that really speak to who you are. While thrifting, if you really adore a button-up but the sleeves are too short, don’t leave it. Sleeves can be rolled, or you can wear the shirt under a cardigan or blazer. You can layer over or under as well.

You can check out more of Shelby’s amazing style and her site where she resells vintage clothes at and follow her on Instagram for outfit of the day pics {@lucygyrlvintage}.

Interested in being the next Thriftspiration candidate? Don’t be shy! Share your tips, best outfits and inspire your fellow thrifter. For a submission form, email Show us what you’ve got.

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