Thrift Shopping Haul: $85 Well Spent at the Salvation Army

Posted On Friday, November 15th, 2013
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On Wednesday I did what I haven’t done in about a month: I went to the Salvation Army for some serious shopping. The last time I went, the inventory was weak and I left empty handed, but this time around, the thrift gods must have been shining down on me. The Salvation Army at 46th Street is usually my go-to destination for dresses and an occasional vintage gem, especially sequin tops and button downs. And that’s exactly what I found on Wednesday.* I kept pulling one amazing piece after another. *Remember, the Salvation Army has Family Day sales on Wednesday, so most clothes and accessories are 50 percent off.*

My total damage was $85. Yes, $85!! But this was ok for a few reasons. 1. I haven’t been thrifting in months {shocking, right?}. 2. The items were literally worth hundreds. One dress alone would have originally retailed for $300.

As you can see from the photo above, my cart was overflowing. I put some pieces back because they were stained or I just wasn’t in love with them, but for the most part, I kept the majority of the items I scoped out. My $85 equaled 14 pieces I can’t wait to wear.

Enough talking {or reading!}, just check out a few of my top thrift store scores from the Salvation Army.

vintage sequins, vintage sequin shirt

Sequins always make me happy and the scalloped hem is an extra bonus.

leather handbag, salvation army 46th street

Leather bags with detachable straps that are roomy enough for essentials.

how to wear plaid, adrienne vittadini dress

Plaid is trendy, but does it ever go out of style?

vintage dress, salvation army 46th street

 This vintage dress is unlike anything I own and that’s exactly why I bought it.

pussy bow dress, printed dress

Another vintage frock, but this one has a feminine floral print and delicate pussy bow.

band of gypsies dress

Lace bodice + tulle skirt=LOVE!

how to wear a jumpsuit, affordable jumpsuit, strapless jumpsuit

Expect to see me in this Uniqlo jumpsuit pretty soon.

topshop blazer, topshop lace blazer

 And I’ll probably wear this lace Topshop blazer over the jumpsuit.

affordable fashion, looking fly on a dime

I have no idea where I’ll wear this Amsale dress, but I will rock it sooner than later. Similar dresses retail for $300. And the funny thing is, there was a Second Time Around price tag on the dress. The consignment shop was trying to resell it for $129, but it somehow ended up at the Salv for $10. It made it’s way from $300 to $129 to $10. I never shop major vintage and consignment shops as a lot of these places have hefty price tags attached. I’d rather dig for the fashionable gems.

I’m so glad I had more luck this time around at the Salvation Army. That goes to show, just because you strike out at a thrift store doesn’t mean you should give up. Go back another day and/or time, give yourself at least an hour to shop and see how it goes.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent while thrift shopping? What’s your most recent thrift store score you can’t get enough of?

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18 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping Haul: $85 Well Spent at the Salvation Army

  1. The plaid dress and the jumpsuit…my faves! I’ve spent $100 for both my husband and I at Village Thrift. Well worth it! 😉


    • Yes, I only showed 10 of the 14. Refer to the text above where I wrote, here are a ” few of my top thrift store scores…” I didn’t highlight all 14.

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