Thrift and Vintage Vloggers You Should Know

Posted On Thursday, March 10th, 2011
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In addition to my blog you guys know I have a YouTube channel where I post thrift hauls, tutorials and more. And I love coming across fellow thrifters who share their tips and tricks to look “fly on a dime.” So of course I wanted to share a few of my favorite thrift and vintage vloggers {video bloggers} with you. If you’re ever looking for some inspiration {after coming here of course}, these ladies are definitely worth checking out and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Thrifty & Vintage Glam
Felicia describes her channel as: “Thrifting and Vintage shopping is something I do for fun and as a “de-stressor” after a busy work week. My goal with this channel is to share my thrifting/vintage experiences and convey what I’ve learned along the way.” If you’re looking to get in to vintage wears, you definitely want to check her videos out.

My favorite video: Vintage or Not? Tips for Identifying Vintage Clothing

Kristin’s the blogger behind Handbags, Hair and Heels and her YouTube channel is all things thrift related. She shows off her hauls as well as how she rocks her cheap chic finds. And for us naptural girls, she has natural hair tutorials.

My favorite video: Thrifted OOTD {outfit of the day} and Small Thrift Haul

Fashionably Thrifty
I just subscribed to her channel and I’m hooked. Her philosophy is “Why pay full price if I don’t have to?” My kinda girl! She shows her designer finds via thrift stores and estate sales. And her vintage Etsy shop is amazing!

Favorite Video: How to Convert Your Vintage Clip On Earrings

These are just a few of the YouTubers I adore. If you have any, share them below!

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One thought on “Thrift and Vintage Vloggers You Should Know

  1. Love that first video. People blow me with thrift store finds and saying it’s vintage!! Great tips. Thank you for sharing.

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