The Perfect Cheap Chic Dress for Spring and Summer {and Even Fall}

Posted On Friday, April 7th, 2017
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My favorite season is officially here and I couldn’t be happier. Though the cold shoulder trend isn’t new, it’s still going pretty strong. Cut outs, off the shoulder tops and more continue to be huge for spring and summer.
And I found a dress that’s embracing that trend on a dime!

I wasn’t super familiar with Tobi but once I discovered their site, I was hooked. Their clothes are trendy and most retail for less than $35. Some super affordable shops are flooded with styles that are a little too trendy {you won’t wear them for more than one season} or they’re poorly made. I haven’t had that experience.  My dress below, a chambray off the shoulder shift, is just 31 bucks. The material feels great and chambray never goes out of style.
And of course I had to pair the dress with some equally fabulous, affordable gems.
Because it wouldn’t be spring without a lightweight leather jacket, I grabbed my black and white leather that I purchased from Loehmann’s years ago. It’s a bit rough and rugged, so it’s perfectly juxtaposed against the sweet dress and accessories, like a dainty bangle and cute clutch from Dress Barn {it’s no longer available, but I’ll keep looking for a similar style and update here and via Instagram}.
The chambray dress is really short {like, next time I’ll wear shorts underneath!}, so I kept my footwear casual. My stripe glitter Keds {seen in this thrift store haul} from Buffalo Exchange were the comfy, chic option.
Also, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know there’s another Tobi piece I’m seriously obsessed with. It’s this black off the shoulder bodysuit. I wore it twice within one week for my on-air style segments

Yeah, you can clearly see I’m loving anything that’s off the shoulder and exposing a little clavicle action.
What spring trends are you embracing? Are there any “old” trends you’re loving? 
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8 thoughts on “The Perfect Cheap Chic Dress for Spring and Summer {and Even Fall}

  1. Ive just discovered your blog and….. Love it !! Specially the design . Congrats, good job girl.

    That dress with that price WOW.

    Cheers. Bonnie.

  2. This dress is perfect for underlining your uniqueness. An off-shoulder sky-blue dress looks sweet, light and very individual. Yes, it can be worn under anything, even biker jacket. I would wear it with sporty white kicks!

    xo, Jess

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