Thrift Shopping Haul – Fall and Winter Essentials under $15

Posted On Thursday, January 7th, 2016
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Thrift Shopping Haul - Fall and Winter Essentials for less than $15
What better way to start the year off than with a thrift haul? I realized I haven’t done a proper haul for a few months {forgive me!}, but in late November and December I found some really amazing pieces at local thrift shops.

Peep the video below to see what I scored, as well as a few thrift shopping tips, including how you can negotiate prices at some shops!

How to Wear Vintage without Looking Like You Stepped Out a Time Machine

Posted On Thursday, November 12th, 2015
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Vintage clothing can get a bad rap. While I appreciate a garment that’s 20+ years old, I totally get that some people think the pieces are outdated, tattered and hard to wear without looking costume-y. It’s totally possible to style vintage threads in a modern way. Because remember, fashion is cyclical, so what’s currently trending has already been done.

Here’s how I styled a few vintage clothes in a fun, even edgy way.

Thrift Shopping Has Gone Upscale: Is That a Good Thing?

Posted On Thursday, October 29th, 2015
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There’s been something interesting/weird happening at some thrift stores lately. They’re going a bit upscale. Most notably is Goodwill, which has opened about 60 boutiques nationwide. These locations have more curated designer pieces, are more organized and have a feel of a department store to attract the desired millennial crowd.

I’m all about making thrifting easier and more accessible {so much so that I wrote a book on how to thrift shop!}, so I checked out the Goodwill boutique that recently opened in NYC’s Union Square. I wasn’t impressed.

Fall Thrift Shopping Haul – 10 Style Essentials for $50 Total

Posted On Thursday, October 1st, 2015
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I’ve been mentioning my awesome, epic thrift shopping trip for the past two weeks and promising a haul video. Well, here she is!

You’ve already seen how I styled a few of the pieces {like yesterday’s Old Navy skirt and last week’s sheer black maxi from Zara}. But here are the other items I found during my recent trip to the Salvation Army, including a statement making LBD, chunky fall sweaters and vintage gems for less than $10.

Thrifty Threads: Summer to Fall Style

Posted On Thursday, September 24th, 2015
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It’s officially fall and while I may be rocking layers and chunky sweaters in a few weeks, for now I’m still hanging on to my summer threads. Well, with the addition of a fall wardrobe staple.

During my Salvation Army thrift shopping trip two weeks ago {I shop on Wednesdays when most items are half off!}, I scored big! And a few of the pieces I bought included an embellished crop top from H&M and a sheer maxi skirt from Zara. They were the perfect pieces for my latest Thrifty Threads outfit.