Spring 2017 Fashion Week Trends You Can Shop Now at Your Local Thrift Store

Posted On Tuesday, September 20th, 2016
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Spring 2017 Fashion Week Trends You Can Shop Now at Your Local Thrift Store Another New York Fashion Week has come to a close and the same thing becomes clear…style is cyclical. What’s “new” has been done before, countless times.

So if you’re curious about what’s hot for next spring, you need look no further than your local thrift shop. And instead of waiting a few months for these trends to really take off, you can start rocking them now!
Here are a few spring 2017 trends that were in abundance on the runway and you can find them at any thrift shop. Plus, here’s how to translate the runway styles to everyday life.

Neon {specifically yellow!}
Y’all know I love bold, in your face colors and luckily that’s right on trend. Everyone from Jason Wu to Erin Featherson to DKNY showcased neon hues. And in particular, yellow is having a major moment. Yeah, wearing yellow can be tricky but there are so many shades, you can find one that’s perfect for your skin tone. Bright colors like this are perfect to experiment with thanks to the items on the thrift aisles, which equals serious savings. Also, bright colors are super easy to spot on the racks.

Spring 2017 Fashion Week Trends You Can Shop Now at Your Local Thrift Store

On the flip side, if wearing bright colors isn’t your thing, khaki is also trending. The neutral tone was seen everywhere, including at preppy retailer J. Crew. Try the trend in everything from pants to a blazer to the trench that every woman needs in her closet. Since this color is so classic, you’ll come across a few khaki pieces at the thrift store.
Ruffles were in abundance. And these aren’t the tiered 80s skirts you wore decades ago, but they’re fun and romantic ruffles thanks to off the shoulder tops, skirts and dresses. These pieces have major character, so hit your thrift shop for these styles. Just balance the rest of your look out with a belt or fitted pieces so you’re not totally swallowed up by the ruffled material.

Spring 2017 Fashion Week Trends You Can Shop Now at Your Local Thrift Store

Most people shy away from wearing stripes but that’ll be hard to do for spring. While thick horizontal stripes might be tricky to wear, thin and/or vertical stripes are extremely figure flattering and can even make you look taller {great for my fellow petite girls!}. Whether you choose wider stripes or classic pinstripes, you’ll have no problem finding either one in the shirt or sweater section while thrift shopping.
Statement Earrings
Finally, we can’t forget about accessories. And if there’s one you piece of jewelry to check out, it would be the statement earring. These are huge! I mean that literally. Now, this might now be for everyone but if you want to give the statement necklace a rest and try something new? Here you go! I’d suggest trying the earrings on before you buy so see how heavy they are, because the last think you want is heavy earrings weighing your ear down. Hit the jewelry counter before you check out at the thrift store. They’re sure to have a few out there/gaudy earrings you might want to try.
I know sometimes people hate hearing about “new” trends but this just goes to show how much of a fashionable resource thrift stores can be. The current must haves can can found on a rack with pieces that cost just a few bucks!
Are there any Spring trends you’re looking forward to? Have you seen any trendy pieces at the thrift shop? 
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