5 Tips to Sell Your Clothes for Cash

Posted On Tuesday, February 7th, 2017
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  buffalo-exchange-how-to-sell-your-clothes-reselling-clothes-tips Cleaning out your closet is a must for everyone. But while you’re deciding what to keep or toss, you’ll come across some pieces that can be resold and earn a bit of cash!
You might remember my post from last year {7 Tips to Sell Your Clothes}, but this post is chocked with a few additional ways to help you even more. Last week when I took a huge bag of clothes and accessories to Buffalo Exchange I learned a few great things and I’m positive they’ll help you.

Labels Don’t Always Matter
Yes, I said it. Maybe you’re thinking a bigger brand will guarantee a sale, but that’s not always the case. Of course some designers like Louis Vuitton, Balmain, etc. will net top dollar but don’t discount items from Forever 21 and H&M. These are the trendy pieces that sell well and fast. Want an example? I tried to sell a leather, never worn Aldo satchel and that was passed over. But you know what Buffalo Exchange accepted? A houndstooth clutch from Family Dollar that originally cost $6! They loved the trendy print of the smaller bag, in spite of the fact that the Aldo satchel was literally 10x more expensive that the Family Dollar one.
Sell Unique Items
A denim skirt. Yeah, that’s cool. But a denim skirt with buttons in the front? Sold! If you have garments that have fun accents or unique features, those tend to sell more because they’re not the typical pieces. These automatically stand out and can net you a pretty penny.
Talk Your Clothes Up
While I was selling my clothes at the Buffalo Exchange counter, there was a woman next to me doing the same. But she did something I didn’t. She was talking her clothes up. What I mean by that is she was telling the buyer why the pieces were great and she even described them. You might think it’s silly to describe clothes to someone who’s already looking at them, but you need to point out any special features. If a top is an off the shoulder shirt, say it! This is a huge trend right now, so be sure to highlight that. Also, the person you’re selling clothes to might not be able to see the full potential of an item because it’s not on a hanger or a body. So it’s up to you to play the garment up. The woman next to me was clearly a pro because there were garments the Buffalo Exchange employee was going to pass on, but she changed her mind once the woman told her why they were amazing.
Sometimes Nothing Matters
In spite of your best efforts and flyest gear, sometimes your clothes and accessories just won’t sell. And that’s totally okay and has nothing to do with you. Sometimes the store just has too much of what you’re trying to sell {a particular brand, size, print, etc.}.
Try Another Season
When something hasn’t sold during that visit but you know it’s a stellar piece, ask the sales associate if it would be better suited for another time. Last summer I tried to sell a pair of ombre glitter pumps but the Buffalo Exchange employee told me the shoes were great but better suited for the holiday season. They’ll usually provide this info automatically but don’t be afraid to flat out ask if there’s anything that might sell during a particular month or season. Remember, these are the people who know the store, customers and inventory, so pick their brain.
Reselling clothes can feel time consuming and even intimidating, but hopefully these tips help! Because before you know it, spring will be here and that’s a great time to define your style, clean out your closet and make a bit of cash.
Also, these tips are specifically for reselling your clothes in store, but stay tuned as I’ll post a few ways to master selling your clothes on PoshMark.
What tips do you have for selling your clothes? Are there certain clothes or brands you’ve been able to get top dollar for?
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4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Sell Your Clothes for Cash

  1. Hi Patrice,
    Thanks for this rather interesting revelation.
    As weird as it may now sound, I have never really thought of selling my clothes. I had so much to dispose of when I changed size and although I gave them out to charity, a part of me wanted to at least turn some of the unique ones into cash.
    I’ll definitely keep this in mind next time.

  2. This was a great post. I have been thinking of selling some pieces, but not going to a buffalo exchange store. This has given me some ideas on what to bring and I will be talking up my clothes.!!

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