The Website that Makes It Easy to Thrift Shop from the Comfort of Home

Posted On Tuesday, January 10th, 2017
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Though I consider myself a thrift shopping pro {I wrote an entire book on how to thrift shop!}, thrifting can feel overwhelming if you’re new to the process. That’s why I love any strategy that makes your trip to the thrift store easier.
Well, this isn’t exactly a strategy per se, but a website. I finally tried, an online consignment and thrift shop and it’s pretty awesome!

I had actually near heard of, but the company reached out to offer me a $50 gift card to shop. I was under no obligation to write about my experience, but it turned out really well, so I’m sharing. If you’re in need of some affordable fashion and don’t feel like browsing racks, this might be a good option for you.

The rundown about the site claims to be the “largest online consignment and thrift shop.” And with more than 1 million {yes, million!} pieces available for women, men and children, I’d say that makes them a pretty big shop, and one that you can shop from the comfort of home. And the prices are up to 95 percent off retail.
So here’s what I thought: A lot of the clothes are less than $10, so that naturally caught my eye. I did see a few items that looked a bit outdated, but once I knew what I was looking for, I struck gold.
A pair of flats or loafers have been on my fashion must have list for a while, so I narrowed my search down by style and size and I came across these Lucky Brand metallic oxfords. My eyes immediately lit up. Judging from the sole of the shoes, they’ve never been worn.
The brands offered are largely H&M, Target and other mall-like retailers, but I also stumbled upon some Maggie London and even Rachel Roy dresses. So the selection is pretty wide. Again, just know what you’re looking for, which is a great tip even when you’re at the actual thrift shop.
Because winter is in full effect, I searched for a few leggings and tights. You know I’m all about fun ways to style leggings.
I chose a pair of fishnets, black tights {they came in a pack of two, but I already wore a pair before taking the photos!} and leopard tights from Old Navy. Just like all of the items, the ones from Old Navy arrived in the original packaging and they sold for $10 but were only 3 bucks on
swap-com-review-online-thrift-shop-online-thrift-store-online-consignment-how-to-consign-metallic-oxfords I didn’t notice this when I ordered my goods, but the site also has a $5 Favorites section for clothes and accessories that are five bucks and under.
Swap promises all orders are shipped in one business day and my order showed up three days after being placed.
If you’ve recently cleaned out your closet and want to make a little cash, you can consign your clothes with And if you want to give Swap a try, use my referral code for 20 percent off your first order.
Have you tried Are there other websites you use to buy secondhand items or consign your clothes?
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7 thoughts on “The Website that Makes It Easy to Thrift Shop from the Comfort of Home

  1. i have shopped on com but didn’t really have a good experience,they listed a coat szXL&when it came it was a 22/24&smelled bad so im hesitent to try it again.

  2. I have been shopping with them for about 6 month – I have loved every package and only 1 item, out of many, did not fit so I’ll donate it. I used to shop threadup but I like this one SOOOOO much better!!!!

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