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Posted On Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
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I’m a sucker for bright, bold accessories so I was delighted when the owner of My Roommates Kloset contacted me about checking out some of their pieces.

Started in 2009 by Quenesha Lennon, the accessories currently range from $1-$4. Yup, they cost less than your daily latte. “I constantly found myself looking for sassy, reasonably priced earrings and accessories to compliment the look I was trying to achieve,” says Lennon. “ Trends change and I thought it was important to have items that would keep me up to date but not break the bank.

And as for the name, My Roommates Kloset, “I got the name from a roommate that I had in college. She and I were always borrowing each other’s clothes and accessories. When people would ask us where we got it from, we would say “my roomamte’s closet,” as if it were some sort of chic boutique.” So cute!

I received a few pieces from My Roommates Kloset and I absolutely loved some of them and I was kinda “eh” about others. Here’s what I thought:

I wasn’t blown away by these. I feel like I’ve seen earrings like this a million times before. Besides that, the material seemed a bit cheap. I’m all for affordable, but they just felt flimsy. The metal chandelier earrings were easily bendable. However, I did love the aqua of the disc earrings, I can’t wait to see how the sun reflects off of them on a bright day.

I’m a fan of layering necklaces, so I loved that this beaded number had built in layers with the cylindrical beads. But…the beads were affixed together with a thin piece of string. It just felt like one false move and the string would break, causing a spillage of beads.

I let out a gasp when I saw these earrings. I absolutely. frickin. love. them! They’re colorful, felt sturdy and I received compliments all day while wearing them last week as a part of my Thrifty Threads outfit. These will be in heavy rotation in my accessories arsenal.

These were another favorite of mine. I’m not a huge fan of rings but I love that these were big and bold without being too clunky. I have a cocktail ring that I love but it’s impossible to type with, but I didn’t have that problem with these gems. They’re smooth to the touch and add a nice touch of color.

The beaded interwoven cuff is another fave. It looks and feels pretty luxe, even though it’s only $3. I really dug the color of the aqua and silver bracelet but I was a little weary about it being elastic. However, the elastic felt strong and durable, I didn’t worry about popping the band.

Though there were some pieces that felt a bit cheap and I worried about them actually holding up, overall, I was impressed with the line. I checked the rest of the website and the collection has a ton of other rings and pendant necklaces that look amazing.

Future plans for My Roommates Kloset include handmade items. For more on My Roommates Kloset, check out their site and like them on Facebook.

Are you guys feeling My Roommates Kloset? How much do you normally spend on accessories?

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2 thoughts on “My Roommates Kloset – Cheap Chic Accessories

  1. The bracelets are really cute. I usually don’t spend a lot on accessories, I pick stuff up from Forever 21 or H&M and just use them to dress up a plain outfit.

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