7 Easy Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Posted On Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
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  how-to-make-clothes-last-longer-beauty-routine-looking-fly-on-a-dime Whether your shirt was a $1 thrift store find or a $500 splurge on a pair of heels, we all want our clothes to last as long as possible. But every day we’re unknowingly doing things that are causing our clothes, shoes and accessories to break down even faster.
Sure, you know not to wash your clothes in hot water or dry on super high heat, but the tips below will help preserve your wardrobe and make your clothes last longer.

Rotate Your Wardrobe 
Now this is a big one. And as someone who has started to like the idea of wearing the same clothes over and over again,I constantly have to remind myself of this. No matter how much you may like or love an item in your closet, don’t wear it back to back. Those boots you adore? Rock them once or twice a week but not day after day. That back to back wear is just making the item wear down even faster.
Dry Clean Sparingly
A while ago I remember seeing a “dry clean” label on a Forever 21 sweater. I nearly died with laughter. Dry cleaning can be great for those special garments, but other times, use caution. The chemicals and process associated with most dry cleaning can be pretty tough on material and cause fabric to break down faster than if you hand wash them yourself.
Spot Clean 
For items that have spills on them but you don’t need to throw the entire garment in the washing machine or send to the dry cleaner, simply spot clean. This works great for outerwear, denim and sweaters. Treat the stained area with a remover and you’ll be good to go.
But When You Do Place Clothes in the Wash…
Before you drop that load in the washing machine, do your clothes a good once over so they’re not damaged or causing damage to other pieces. Your favorite sweater and jeans should be turned inside out so they don’t get pills or fade, respectively. Pants should be zipped up, laces removed and velcro…velcro’d. The last thing you want is for any of your other garments in the washing machine to be snagged on a zipper, velcro or entangled in laces.
Store Clothes and Accessories Properly 
It’s so important to take the time to store everything correctly. That means preventing bags or boots from losing their shape {I like using foam pool noodles or even old magazines!}. Also, hang your jewelry properly so necklaces aren’t getting tangled and costume jewelry isn’t rubbing up against one another and speeding up the tarnishing process. And while you may like to hang everything in your closet, sweaters should be folded so they don’t get stretched out or those annoying indentations at the shoulder due to hangers.
Skip the Iron
I’m not just saying this because I hate ironing, but the heat from an iron is not your clothes’ best friend, as the high temps can break down the fabric. You can either iron on the lowest setting possible while still removing wrinkles or better yet, just use a steamer which does the job without the damage.
Consider Your Beauty Routine  
This is something you may have overlooked. Yes, your beauty routine can certainly impact making your clothes last longer. Are you the type of person who spritzes on a fragrance after you get dressed? Stop doing that! Do you douse your hair in hair spray after you’ve put on a shirt? Don’t do that either. These chemicals and even scents can get trapped in the material of your clothes and by now you guessed it…cause the material to break down faster. Same thing goes with your deodorant. Make sure it’s dry before putting your shirt on, as the chemicals have a better likelihood of coming in contact with arm pits of your shirts and affecting the material or even causing discoloration.
How do you care for your wardrobe? Any tips to make clothes last longer?  
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