Thrifty Threads: How to Wear Shorts Throughout Fall and Winter

Posted On Thursday, November 10th, 2016
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Sigh. This is an interesting time in the country, but one thing that’s making me happy right now is fashion! When I’m feeling less than my best, I throw on my favorite piece of clothing or brightest garment and just keep my head high.
While shorts are typically associated with summer, who says you can’t wear them in fall and winter? That’s exactly what I did with this pair of bold shorts from Indigo Style Vintage.
So how do you wear shorts in the fall? 1. Rock them with your favorite tights. 2. Go for a pair of shorts that are weather appropriate {cotton or wool, versus thin linen}.
Since the shorts are so colorful, I kept the rest of the look pretty neutral and fall appropriate. This utility jacket was scored from Macy’s last year and the real star of the show is the fun details in the back!
As for accessories, I kept everything pretty simple as well with thrifted earrings from Mobile Vintage {everything in their shop is $10!} and my grandma’s choker-style necklace. And my boots are from 7 Dials Shoes. The company sent these over last month and they’ve become my go-to fall shoe. No exaggeration, I wear these at least twice a week! *use code LOOKINGFLY {until 11/30} on the 7 Dials Shoes site to score 30 percent off fall shoes, boots and booties*
And a style tip for wearing fishnet stockings? Just layer them over another pair of stockings or tights. For this look, I have a pair of black opaque tights over the fishnets. This gives more coverage and much needed warmth for chilly fall nights. Also, the monochromatic look of the tights and boots make my short looks look a bit longer.
looking-fly-on-a-dime-thrifty-threads-how-to-wear-shorts-in-the-fall  Needless to say I’ll be wearing these shorts a few more times before the year is out.
How do you style summer items for fall wear? What’s been your latest thrift store score? 
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