Thrifty Threads: How to Wear Over the Knee Boots, Effortlessly {all sizes and heights}

Posted On Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016
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I’m pretty obsessed with over the knee boots. Well, just one pair in particular…because I only have a single pair of the boots but every fall I can’t wait to whip them out of storage.
Over the knee boots can feel a bit over the top and vampy but depending on how you style them, they perfect for so many occasions and I’m convinced every woman needs a pair. Here’s how to style over the knee boots with ease.

For this week’s Thrifty Threads, I paired my purple suede over the knee boots {scored from TJ Maxx at least five years ago!} with vintage finds. The turtle neck style white dress and floral blazer are from the Salvation Army. And the purse? I have no idea what store I bought her from but she’s thrifted as well.
A major key to styling over the knee boots {for petite women} is to go for a monochromatic style with your choice of pants or leggings. The boots are a purple-ish hue, so I wore a similar color pair of tights. This helps elongate the legs and prevents the boots from overwhelming the frame.
Though I rocked the boots with a dress layered under a blazer, this look also works well with a chunky sweater and jeans, sheath dress or a tank top with a blazer and skinny jeans.
Shopping tips for over the knee boots:
Try them on in the store
Boots can be tricky in general but if you’re on the short side like me or have a wider calf, you certainly want to try them on versus simply shopping online. Does it fit your calf comfortably and can you zip the boot up? Does it hit at a comfortable place on your knee or just above it?
What will you wear it with?
Before dropping cash on those OTK boots, make sure you actually have clothes to wear them with. And style the looks out in your head. By that I mean, take a mental inventory of your closet. Do you already have slim fitting jeans or leggings to wear with the boots? Chunky sweaters or skirts that compliment the color? I suggest having at least three different ways you can wear them. Figure this out before you buy.
Play down the va-va-voom factor*
*only if you want to
Want to keep the look a bit more relaxed and less sultry? Go for casual pieces like I mentioned above. A chunky sweater and jeans work every time or even a sweater dress that’s not too fitted.
These boots are the best TJ Maxx purchase I’ve ever made {seriously!}. Like I mentioned, I’ve had these forever and the brand label rubbed off, but I think they’re Steve Madden. Here are a few links to similar, affordable styles {Lulu’s, Target, Charlotte Russe, Asos}
So if you’re looking for a new piece of footwear for fall, I highly suggest the over the knee boot. It’s more wearable than you think!
Do you wear over the knee boots? How do you style them? If you’ve never worn a pair, why not? 
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2 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads: How to Wear Over the Knee Boots, Effortlessly {all sizes and heights}

  1. Always admiring but never wore them. Think they will make me look even shorter and swallow up my already petite frame (as with most trends/styles).

    • Hey Karen!
      Totally understand. I’m only 5’2″
      A good tall black boot (with a matching skinny jean or leggings) would be perfect.. And a fitted top or sweater that hits right at your waist.
      My boots have a slight slouch, but a boot with no slouch and a block heel, would be much better and make you look taller.

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