How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Posted On Monday, May 6th, 2013
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how to make clothes look expensive I hate the word “cheap,” but let’s face it, some wallet-friendly clothes can look, well, cheap! The material is a bit flimsy, the embellishments are falling off and overall they do little for your wardrobe. But of course affordable clothes and accessories don’t have to look like you found them in the clearance bin. And there are ways to turn an otherwise cheap chic find in to something that has a luxe feel.

Whether you’re thrifting or shopping at an affordable chain, below are five easy ways to make the cheap look chic and even give them a more personalized feel.

I’m horrible when it comes to sewing, but at least I can sew a button and that’s all you need to go from blah to wow. Switching out basic buttons that come with a cardigan, pants or a skirt not only gives you a one of a kind look, the right buttons draw major attention {similar to a purse with stellar hardware}. You probably have buttons in your sewing kit or you can find them for dirt cheap at your local thrift store. The more unique the buttons, the better.

looking fly on a dime style guide Statement Accessories
We all know accessories are the quickest way to update any look. A statement purse {oversized bag, glam clutch} or bold jewelry {layers of necklaces, chunky bangles} would draw the attention away from an otherwise blah outfit. The right accessories are certainly worth investing in, as they elevate whatever you pair them with.

diy heel Replace Heel Tips
You know what can make any shoe look cheap? Worn down shoe tips. Your cobbler can replace these or you can do it yourself. And don’t overlook giving shoes a great shine, so they don’t have the dusty, weathered appearance. If you like to get a bit crafty, check out this Pinterest board of shoe DIYs, including adding embellishments and cap toes.

Proper Fit
Even a show stopping designer item will look like trash if the fit is all off. If you’re not a master with a needle and thread, get acquainted with a tailor. He or she can take in a waist, hem or make necessary suggestions so your garment looks like it was made just for you. I’ve even converted a $1 fishtail skirt in to a tube dress thanks to my tailor.

style guide, looking fly on a dime Material Matters
Generally, an item that has a high synthetic count {more than 30 percent} will look a bit on the cheaper side. The same goes for things with a shiny finish. You can’t go wrong with cotton and darker colors tend to have a more rich feel than lighter hues.

What other tips do you have to make your affordable fashion look expensive?

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

  1. I thrift religiously but I do often splurge on bags, they always make an outfit really pop and look way more expensive

  2. Really its a great way to make clothes look expensive. I have discovered an amazing site which helps in locating local thrift shops.

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