How to {Cheaply} Store Accessories

Posted On Monday, February 27th, 2012
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Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet
Accessories are every girl’s BFF. They’re the easiest way to dress up an outfit but it can also be tricky when it comes to storing them, especially if you have loads of baubles. Necklaces can get tangled, earrings can get misplaced and your collection can start looking a bit cluttered and messy. Tons of jewelry storage solutions are on the market but some can be kinda expensive. I have my eye on the Gold & Silver Safekeeper Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet by QVC but it’s almost $200. Yikes!

Instead, I’ve found a cheap, fun way that lets me display my jewels.

I moved in to a new place and the woman I’m subletting from left her bookcase behind. Instead of loading it up with my fave titles, I’ve used it for my jewels. I love how it has a bit of a boutique feel with everything so easily accessible.

I use velvet trays I scored from my former job to house some necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The sides of the bookshelf are perfect for additional necklaces…

And smaller bangles are attached to an old shower hook and then looped on the bookshelf.

I bought this ceramic mannequin head for a few bucks and she’s the perfect diva to wear my faux gold chains, sunglasses and vintage topper.

My next shelf is for my chrome makeup case, nail polish and perfume. My turquoise plates for sparkly polish, brooches and rings were just 50 cents each from Goodwill.

And the bottom shelf is for some of my clutches and small bags!

So until I can afford the $200 storage solution, I’ll stick with my affordable, yet fly accessories corner. There are countless ways to organize accessories, using whatever you have hanging around the house to 99 cent store finds. You just have to get creative!

If you have any fun jewelry storage ideas, do share! Leave a comment below.

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12 thoughts on “How to {Cheaply} Store Accessories

  1. I must say that is fly! I LOVE that idea and wish I can do it. Well one day. I have a 4,2,and 1 yr and I am trying to figure out an affordable way to store my goodies. I was thinking of getting a vintage piece of luggage for clothes that I have no space to hang, two train cases-one for makeup and hair things and another for jewelry, and some hat boxes for my hats. Thats the plan! LOL Great post! xox  Bunny Moreno

  2. I too have a ton of clunky jewels. So to keep mine tidy I buy big ornate boxes from places like Winners or Homesense and keep each item in a ziploc bag and toss it in the box. I also bought some very cheap yet ornate fake books and I stack them on my book cases or night table and in each “book” I keep either rings or earrings or special necklaces. I also use funky planters to hold jewels or vintage sugar dishes – things I got from my grandma but have no practical use for. Votive candle holders make nice dishes as well. I just arrange them nicely with bigger pieces on my dresser or bathroom etc.

  3. I use tie hangers to hang my necklaces on. They hold at least 20 necklaces and you can find them all the time at thrift stores.

  4. I used to have an older mug holder expanding rack, you know the kind with the pegs at the criss cross parts? I painted it black and hung it vertical and now that’s where most all of my necklaces LIVE!

  5. I like your way better than the $200 version!!

    Personally I hang my necklaces on the doorknob of my wardrobe and also on a piece of rope tied between the handles of two windows (if that makes any sense). Works alright and looks really cool as decoration. Everything else goes in a lil box of some sort on a side table.

  6. I place a shoe organizer on the backs of all my doors in my bedroom and hang all my necklaces and bracelets  on that.  It is perfect because everything is so accessible!

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