Home Decor Items You Can Thrift {Never Pay Full Price for These}

Posted On Thursday, March 24th, 2016
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http://athomewiththebarkers.com/thrift-store-lamp-makeover/ Thrift shops are a great option for so much more than clothing. From leopard chairs {I scored a pair three years ago for $15 each!} to vases to coffee table books, thrift shops are full of home decor items on the cheap. You never have to pay retail for them!

Check below to see how you can outfit your house or apartment with help from the thrift store.

Lamps and/or Lamp Shades

Home Decor Items You Can Thrift {Never Pay Full Price for These}
Are you solely relying on overhead lighting? A few table lamps add light and flair. Focus on the bones of the lamp instead of color or the attached lamp shade. These are all things you can changes, easily. If the structure is sturdy, you can work with it. I can’t get over how easy the lamp DIY below was. It started out as a not so cute floral lamp and now it’s a unique, fun piece.

Picture Frames
It never fails, you can usually find picture frames at thrift shops. You may be thinking, picture frames, really? But if you’ve ever priced ornate, large frames, then you know they can cost a pretty penny. Instead of buying a cheaply made one, your thrift shop has good options. Just like with the lamps, focus on the bones. For example: if you see a frame and don’t necessarily love the color or even the photo in it, but you like the structure and it’s sturdy, buy it! Simply ditch the photo and spray paint it. And here are some tips on how to create a photo wall gallery with your pretty frames.
Home Decor Items You Can Thrift {Never Pay Full Price for These}
Spring is the perfect time to add some beautiful flowers to your home and you need to store them in an equally beautiful vase. One of my local thrift shops always had an abundance of vases for 50 cents to $2. Have fun and buy a few of varying sizes and heights and you can even use vases as accessory storage. Or create fun printed designs like polka dots and stripes.
Chairs or Stools
Home Decor Items You Can Thrift {Never Pay Full Price for These} Some people can feel weird about thrifting a couch {how do you clean it!?}, but stools and chairs are a bit easier. Just wipe the wood down or replace a cushion. This is so much simpler and cheaper than reupholstering a couch. The chair DIY above just required some paint and a bit of fabric.

Finishing Touches
Home Decor Items You Can Thrift {Never Pay Full Price for These}
And finally, you always need those perfect finishing touches or tchotchke. These are the items that add major personality to your coffee table, bookcase, shelves, etc. And they’re in adundance at so many thrift stores. Hunt down figurines or even books with colorful or interesting covers so you can decorate your table. Also, trays. I’ve always found a few trays at thrift shops. Use them as is, or jazz them up, like this thrift store DIY tray. So cute!

The options really are endless. So before or after you hit the aisles and find your new favorite summer dress, check the home section!

Have you ever decorated with items from the thrift shop? Do you check the home section before or after you thrift for clothes? 

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  1. Love this idea. I just painted the tray like the one you have but didn’t think to put rope around the the openings. It would match my kitchen chairs but add laquor like my chairs. Thanks.

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