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Posted On Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
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I wasn’t able to make the Housing Works $20 sale, partially because I overslept {doh!} but also because I had a sizable thrifting haul a few days before. If you follow me on Twitter, you already saw a few Twitpics. It had been way too long since I’d made a trip to the Goodwill Outlet and I’m so glad I went.

If you’re new to Living Fly on a Dime, the Outlet I go to is in Long Island City and clothing is priced by the pound. $1.69 per pound to be exact. See if there’s a Goodwill Outlet in your area.

I walked away with 16 pieces for $15.21 price, which averages out to less than $1 per item. I found some really great, colorful pieces to add to my wardrobe, including an Angora sweater from Express, Nicole Miller top with an embellished neckline, Topshop vest and more.

Check out some of my favorite picks as well as a tip for thrift shopping when the weather’s bad.

{i love the croc-like clutch. it’s small but big enough to hold the essentials}

{i can’t wait to rock this voluminous Club Monaco skirt with a fitted top}

{the photo doesn’t do this short-sleeve, Express angora sweater any justice}

{this Forever 21 pencil skirt is the perfect way to inject some color in my wardrobe}

{graphic print H&M tunic, perfect with skinny jeans or leggings and boots}

{m-i-c-k-e-y  m-o-u-s-e}

{another bold color with an embellished neckline}

{comfy, knit Old Navy sweater dress}

{candy apple red skirt with a bow detail at the waist, just my style!}

{shaggy Topshop vest, i had to dig deep for this beauty}

Thrift Tip:

You may think that inclement weather would deter people from thrifting, but it’s quite the opposite. I went during a Thursday morning {around 11am} and it was snowing pretty heavily and there were quite a few shoppers there. Neither snow, sleet, hail or frigid temps can keep an avid thrifter away. Also, maybe people have the mentality of “hmm, the weather’s bad so no one else will be shopping. I’ll have the place all to myself.” Wrong! Be prepared to deal with fellow shoppers.

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15 thoughts on “Goodwill Outlet Haul

  1. great haul as always! i got a rude awakening this weekend when i attempted to go to my local goodwill clearance center only to discover that it was closed. wtf.

      • OMG! Love your site, luv you! Can we be best buds? I am a thrify and I rock the best fashions at work everyday and people are so shocked by what i pay. I mix thrift with whatever clothing store I go never EVER paying full price. The internett is my friend to get deeper discounts. I wish I had the time tro blog, but reading your site is like coming home everyday! Keep up the great work. Hope you get a chance to make an appearance on a show Like the Nate Show to show fashionistas how to thrift more efficiently!!!

        • Aww, thank you so much Sharon. I’m glad you love the site. I’d love to be on a show like Nate’s to share my thrifty threads. I love that you mix your thrift store finds with other cheap chic clothing. I refuse to pay full price for anything.
          Yes, we can be thrifting BFFs!

    • Thanks! The Outlet is one of my favorite spots. I’ve never left there empty-handed. The accessories can be kinda hit or miss, but the clothing is always awesome.

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  3. Inspirational as always! Just wanted to add a thrifty tip or two of my own. One, never go to the thrift store empty handed! Take at least one item to donate – helps reduce the clutter in your home.

    Two, befriend the staff at your favorite thrift stores! They’ll go out of their way to help you score some really good deals. By the way, being a regular donor also motivates the staff to give you extra service, discounts etc. My friend at my favorite thrift store has set aside items that she thought I’d like (and she’s usually right!) and gives me preferential access to the “goodies” by allowing my to peruse the donations before they hit the racks!

    I’m quite excited about the thrifty deals I’ve scored this week – Old Navy khaki capris, a like new A. Byer black slacks that fit me PERFECTLY and a gorgeous Jones New York long black evening dress. Bought it with the intention of shortening to become my LBD, but I think I might leave it long. Total spending $3.50

    • Thanks! And great thrifted finds.

      Great tips, especially about never going empty handed. I need to start doing that. I know a lot of style experts say when you buy an item, you need to toss or donate one. That’ll definitely help me clear out some space in my closet.

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