How Do I Wear This? – My First Styling Event of the Year

Posted On Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
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The first month of 2017 is almost over and hopefully you’re sticking to your resolutions, especially those fashion resolutions?
Remember when you vowed to wear more color, stop wearing the same items over and over or decided to finally define your personal style? Yeah, all those resolutions.
Well, I’m hosting a fun event this week that can solve some of your dilemmas. This is a hands-on, personal styling event that you need to attend if you’re in the NYC-area. And it’ll be fun!

This is Looking Fly on a Dime’s first Friday Night Fashion Social. As the name suggests, it’s Friday. This Friday, 1/27, to be exact. It’ll be a small gathering of women talking fashion over happy hour drinks.
But what makes this so special is everyone in attendance will bring a garment or accessory they love, but have never worn. It’s all about, “how do I wear this?
We all have that piece, right? It’s been hanging in your closet and you’re stumped on exactly how to rock it. Well, I’ll be giving personalized style advice on exactly how you can finally wear it.
And in the meantime we’ll have a few drinks, relax after a busy work week and end the first month of 2017 in a stylish way. What can be better?
I rarely do 1-on-1 styling any longer, so if you’ve ever wanted that personal styling advice from me, here’s your chance.
Grab your ticket here {or just click on the photo below}.
I’m sure you’re going to love our first Friday Night Fashion Social and if you’re in the area, I hope you’ll join.
Hopefully this will be the start of a monthly series and who knows, maybe I’ll even take it on the road to different cities and states.
Stay tuned for more events, different themes and even upcoming thrift shopping tours. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you’re the first to know.
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