Fresh, Affordable Decor for Your Next Fête

Posted On Monday, April 28th, 2014
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Besides the holidays, spring marks the arrival of one of the biggest party seasons. Between weddings, graduations, cookouts and more, entertaining and prepping for guests is at an all time high. But the costs can be insane, especially if you want to really create a wow-worthy setting.
Last week I was in serious prep mode for my Ready, Set, Thrift! party {full recap coming soon} and I went to one of my fave places for cheap chic decorations: the dollar store!
With a little inspiration from the Caress® Emerald Rush™ Fresh Collection body wash, I knew exactly what I envisioned for my set up.
Between the body wash’s light floral scent and the emerald green hue, my unofficial theme for my event’s table setting was easy, tropical and breezy.
I tend to visit the dollar store for cups, plastic utensils and plates, but they’re also a great source for serving trays, dishes, banners, cutesy straws and pretty much everything you’ll need.
Anytime you walk into a store, especially one where the prices are low, it’s important to have an idea of what you want. Otherwise, you can {and inevitably will!} start overspending. Since the Caress® body wash inspired me with a loose blueprint of the look I was going for, I had some direction once I entered the store.
Though vibrant colors always add instant life to any setting, the glam look of silver trays can’t be beat. Once I’m done using these serving trays during my party, I’ll store my accessories and perfume on them!
Fashion and beauty effortlessly go hand in hand, but don’t forget the decor as well. Your home is a perfect reflection of your sense of style. So don’t be afraid to let a beauty product, body wash or perfume set the pace for and give inspiration to your overall life.
Caress fresh collection, Caress body wash The Caress® Fresh collection wraps your skin in vibrant scents and hydrating lather, leaving it revitalized and delicately scented. Try the new Caress® Fresh Collection and revitalize your skin like never before.
How do you decorate for parties in an affordable way? Do you take inspiration from fashion or even beauty when it comes to decor?
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One thought on “Fresh, Affordable Decor for Your Next Fête

  1. I love taking Dollar Store items and making them my own! I love seeing the looks on my friends faces when I tell them, “Yep, a Dollar a Tree!”

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