5 Fashion Week Trends You Can Find at Your Local Thrift Shop

Posted On Monday, February 22nd, 2016
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Another New York Fashion Week has come and go and per usual, every trend seen on the runway can be achieved with thrift store finds. We all know fashion is cyclical, so what’s “new” has been done before. While high end looks can seem a bit unattainable, the ones I’m about to show you are actually quite wearable for everyday, real world situations.
Check below to see what fall 2016 runway trends you can score right now and from your local thrift shop!

Some “trends” like lace, menswear and shearling are still going strong, but below are a few interesting and fun looks that you might want to try. And since you can score these looks from the thrift store, you don’t have to worry about investing serious cash.
Print Mixing
Yes, mixing prints is still a thing, but this time around it’s really about mixing and even clashing. While the typical print mixing motto is that each print should at least share one common hue {so there’s a more cohesive look!}, this time around it’s about going all out when it comes to the colors and size of the prints. The Altuzarra dress and shirt above share a similar hue, but both prints are bold. And if there’s one thing thrift shops have in abundance, it’s prints. So play around with a printed sweater and striped pants or a patterned dress and color block heels. There’s really no wrong way to wear this look since it’s all about having fun and being adventurous.
Short Sleeves Over Long Sleeves
From billowy, flowy sleeves to layering, sleeves were doing something interesting on the runways this season. But one common look was layering a short sleeve top or dress over a long sleeve shirt.This trend is actually accessible and a great way to maximize your wardrobe. On a mild winter day you can make your favorite short sleeve dress wearable by pairing a long sleeve top underneath. Or scrunch up the sleeves of your sweater and let your button down peek from underneath. All of these looks can be achieved thanks to the tops you’ll find at the thrift store. And you know I swear by shopping the men’s section for button downs. Layering like this adds interest to your outfit and can even maximize the wear you get out of a single garment.
When it comes to color, orange was having a moment, particularly a pumpkin-y, burnt orange hue. I know, you’re thinking orange is a tricky color, but this shade is quite wearable regardless of skin tone. It’s not overly bright and in your face, but adds the perfect hint of color. When it comes to tricky trends or colors you might be on the fence about, the thrift store aisles are your best friend. And since this is such a stand out color, you’ll have no problem spotting it on the racks. Give it a try with a cardigan, blouse or if you want to ease your way into the color, find an accessory like a handbag or belt that includes the hue.
Patchwork Denim
Now, this one might not be for everyone, but if you love a bit of DIY action and denim, then you’ll love it. From Public School to Rebecca Taylor {pictured below}, patchwork style denim was seen everywhere. I’ve actually seen jeans like this at thrift stores a few times, but this is totally something you can DIY on the cheap with jeans you thrift. Update jeans you’ve had forever by adding a few patches here or there. This is another look you can totally have fun with!
Circle Handbags
And finally, I can’t forget the accessories. We saw this look last season and apparently she’s here to stay. I’m talking about the circle bag. The description of the bag says it all! The shape and design is such a welcome change from the oversized satchel or clutch. This is a really particular design, so you might have to dig a bit to find something like this at the thrift shop, but when you do, you’ll feel like you hit the thrift store jackpot! Actually, I thrifted a circle bag years ago {first seen here in this 2012 Thrifty Threads post} and it’s been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. Even after my massive closet purge, this circle bag was a definite keeper.
Trying something new {or new-to-you} can feel a bit scary, but it’s totally worth it. You just might find a look that you love and that really speaks to your personal sense of style.
Are you excited about any “new” trends you’ve seen lately? Have you thrifted any of the trends above? 
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5 thoughts on “5 Fashion Week Trends You Can Find at Your Local Thrift Shop

  1. I think I’m going to try the short sleeve over long sleeve, considering the weather here in VA. It’s still pretty chilly here, but I’ve thrifted some summer pieces that I can’t wait to wear.

  2. I’m liking the patchwork jeans…. I’m 6’3″ and finding jeans at thrift stores long enough for me can be a challenge. This might work for me. How hard is denim to sew? not a sewer, but I do have a machine….

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