“Designer” on a Dime – YSL Tribute Sandal

Posted On Monday, January 4th, 2010
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The YSL Tribute Sandal has been seen on the feet of countless celebs and it’s easy to see why. The leg lengthening T-strap and four inch heel is swoon-worthy.

But at $760 a pop, it’s extremely pricey for the average diva. Luckily, Urban Original has the same design for $13.99! I’m sure it won’t remain in your closet as long as the designer one, but it’s a cheap chic option.

The shoe also comes in black, lilac, yellow and gray.

I’m all for cheap, fashionable options, but I wonder how high end designers feel about others knocking off their creations?

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0 thoughts on ““Designer” on a Dime – YSL Tribute Sandal

  1. As an artist (writer), I’d be pissed if someone created a near replica of my work. But most people can’t afford the “high end” stuff so that’s why “designer inspired” items will always exist.

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