Denim Guide: 5 Fitting Room Tips to Find the Best Jeans

Posted On Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
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While I love a good black skinny jean, I absolutely hate shopping for jeans. Well, I’m not a fan of shopping for pants, in general. I always have the issue with them being too long and the waist always gaps. *sigh*
However, I have found a few brands I love {Forever 21, Hudson and Rock & Republic for Kohl’s!}, and if you’re still struggling, here are a few tips to use when shopping for jeans. These are the fitting room do’s and don’ts of denim shopping.

Start Shopping Early
The general rule is you go shoe shopping at the end of the day {your feet are swollen and you’ll get a more accurate fit}, but I suggest shopping for jeans earlier in the day. Go on the hunt when you’re potentially less frustrated from the work day or any other shopping. If searching for jeans is a struggle, just get it out of the way as early as possible and when you’re in a good {or great!} mood.
Get In and Out of Your Clothes with Ease
Fitting rooms can feel so time consuming. But one tip I try to use is being mindful of what I wear when I’m shopping. I mention this extensively in Looking Fly on a Dime: How to Find Fabulous Fashion at Any Thrift Shop & Make the Cheap Look Chic and the same applies for department stores. When you have to unlace boots and unbutton layers, it just feels never ending. Instead, a pair of flats or flat boots, jeans or leggings and a pullover sweater make it easy to get in and out of your clothes.
Grab a Ton of Jeans
Vanity sizing is a pain in the butt, so you just never know what size you may be depending on the brand. Just grab a variety of sizes. Basically, understand that you may have to try on a dozen+ pairs to find that right fit. That’s ok and totally normal.
Fit Your Hips and Butt
While jean sizes are based on waist measurement, don’t worry about that. Focus on fitting the widest part of your body and for most women that’s the hips, thighs and butt. This rule also applies to all garments, not just jeans. Fit the widest part of your body and tailor the waist as needed.
Move Around
Once you’ve found what you believe is the right pair of jeans, don’t just stand in front of the fitting room mirror. Bend over. Sit down. Take a few steps. If there’s any bunching, sagging, pulling, butt cleavage or you can barely move, you haven’t found the one, darling. Keep trying!
Also, if you haven’t check out my post, Best Affordable Jeans, be sure to do so. These are a few of the denim brands I know and trust. And when you’ve found the right size in jeans, buy them in at least two colors!
Do you have a favorite denim brand you can always rely on? What tips do you use to find the best fit for jeans?
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2 thoughts on “Denim Guide: 5 Fitting Room Tips to Find the Best Jeans

  1. Being tall, I’ve had very good luck with the Cruel Girl brand. very comfy! hard to find in the thrifts in the x-long length, though I have found them.

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