Cheap Chic Obsession: Happy Scarf Jellies

Posted On Friday, August 24th, 2012
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The fashion of the 80s can be a bit scary for some but I tend to embrace the trends of yesteryear. Peplum dresses, acid wash jeans and off the shoulder shirts are still pretty hot.

And one childhood trend I really love is jelly shoes. You remember jellies. They were the plastic sandals you wore as a kid. They practically melted on your feet and left you with sweaty toes.

Well, jellies are back. Designers like Valentino and Givenchy are selling jelly sandals and flats for close to $300.

Designer Jelly shoes I would never pay that much for a pair of jellies, so I was beyond excited when the folks over a Happy Scarf sent me a pair of their jelly flats. They retail for just $24 {currently on sale for $20} and come in colors like black, pink and electric blue.

Jelly flats for summer

I was apprehensive about whether they would leave me with sweaty feet on a warm day, but luckily they didn’t.

I love the webbed design and have worn the blush flats with everything from a baby doll dress in New Orleans…

Cheap Chic Obsession to cropped jeans while brunching in NYC…

jelly flats And earlier this summer I went to an 80s, 90s party and I had to rock the jellies with some shorts.

Trends for less I’ve worn these at least once a week since May and they’ve held up well, even under the hot New Orleans sun. So it’s clear to see why they’re my latest cheap chic obsession.

What affordable brand or item are you absolutely obsessed with right now? Are there any 80s trends that you still wear?

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