Celebrity Shoe Lines: Yay or Nay?

Posted On Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
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I have a confession. I’m in love with my Paris Hilton shoes from TJ Maxx. They’re everything I want in a heel: affordable, cute and super high. But I have another confession to make. When I initially saw them on the rack, I thought they were gorgeous but when I noticed they were by Ms. Hilton, I make a stink face.

I always think of celebrity lines as being cheesy and crappy in make and material.

But I’ve worn these bad boys a few times and they’re super comfy.

While browsing online last night, I came across Jessica Simpson’s shoe collection (this woman has an entire empire including luggage, eye wear, jeans, etc) and I was impressed with a few of the styles. But I still couldn’t get over the fact that I was contemplating purchasing shoes from a woman who didn’t know if Chicken of the Sea was tuna or chicken.

Prices from both lines range from $70-$100. But of course you can find them cheaper at gems like TJ Maxx. My suede Paris Hilton peep toes were only $49, even though they’re currently being sold online for $70.

So how do you gals feel about celebrity clothing and shoe lines? Do you just love a cute design or are you weirded out by wearing a socialite on your feet?

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3 thoughts on “Celebrity Shoe Lines: Yay or Nay?

  1. I vote yay, especially when the thought behind it is beneficial to an overlooked majority of women. Paris designs her own shoes because she said alot of shoe designers don’t make size 11’s and if they do they run small. So she designs her own. Fergie’s line is awesome and keeps up with the current trends.

  2. I say yes. I wouldn’t exclude a purchase simply because they are from a celebrity line and this theory in the reverse as wel. I’m not going to purchase something simply because a particular celebrity designs/backs it.

    If it’s a good shoe it’s a good shoe.

  3. I could really care less who designs the shoe; if the shoe looks great and is comfortable—-ALL SYSTEMS GO! I own several pairs of Hilton’s shoes. I LOVE Jessica Simpon’s line of shoes and clothing as well. Cheesy as it may be, these stars are all about $$. They will make it any way they can.

    P.S. JS’ Chicken or Tuna stunt was just that–a PR stunt. *kanyeshrug*
    P.P.S. Love your blog!

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