Fab, Fit and Frugal: Finding Bliss in Stressful Times

Posted On Friday, August 16th, 2013
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Like most people, I’m stressed. And lately I seem to be really stressed. Between running the site, freelance writing and launching a few projects, my time and patience is stretched thin. A few years ago I went on an amazing 10-day meditation retreat, but when I can’t get away, it’s important for me to find blissful moments wherever I am.
Lately, I’ve found bliss at my desk. I know, that’s a bit ironic seeing as how work has been stressing me out, but a few key pieces make all the difference.

Fab, Fit and Frugal: A Must Have Natural and Affordable Remedy for Problem Skin

Posted On Friday, August 9th, 2013
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As I get older, a few things have happened when it comes to my beauty routine. My product junky-ism gets worse and I increasingly rely on all natural, affordable remedies. A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. She loved it. Couldn’t stop talking about it. Wouldn’t stop talking about it. So I finally bought a jar from Whole Foods for about $6 or $7.
It was the best beauty decision I ever made.

Fab, Fit and Frugal: Witch Hazel’s Numerous Beauty Uses

Posted On Friday, August 2nd, 2013
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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had oily, acne prone skin. And I’ve also tried a variety of products, from dermatologist prescribed topical treatments to serums, creams and peels sold over the counter.
But one product I come back to over and over again is witch hazel. Per Web MD, it “contains chemicals called tannins. When applied directly to the skin, witch hazel might help reduce swelling, help repair broken skin, and fight bacteria.”
It’s also just a few dollars and a must have in every bathroom, whether you have problem skin, puffy eyes or irritation.

Fab, Fit and Frugal: Healthy Eats at Your Local Target

Posted On Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
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I love Target. That’s not a surprise. From their clothes to being obsessed with their infamous dollar bins, I always walk out of the store with something amazing. And I’m really fortunate that my local Target has a grocery section. This has become my go-to spot when I need some last minute items for dinner or a light bite.
And though I tend to find myself in the ice cream aisle {I’m obsessed with Talenti’s sea salt caramel gelato!}, the store is stocked full of fresh, healthy eats.
People often say eating healthy strains the purse straps and it can depending on where you shop, but during a recent Target visit, I racked up on four bags worth of healthy and wallet friendly food.

Fab, Fit and Frugal: Quest for Total Body Health

Posted On Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
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Fab Fit Frugal, fab fit and frugal

Looking fly isn’t just about what you wear. Of course that’s a big part of it, but looking and feeling good from head to toe goes deeper than the garments you throw on.

There have been times I’ve worn some of the freshest clothes, but I felt like crap. Sometimes it was due to a lack of sleep, stress and/or a horrible diet. However, when I give my body what she needs, I can feel the difference on the inside and others can see it on the outside.

That’s why I’m starting Fab, Fit and Frugal. Every week I’ll offer easy to digest tips and tricks to keep your body running on all cylinders, and of course, nothing will be expensive or time consuming.

Fab, Fit and Frugal will include:

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