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Posted On Monday, December 10th, 2012
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Caress body wash

When you think of Caress, you probably think of soap and body wash. Well, that’s what I immediately think of. I remember using Caress soap as a little girl when I’d sleep over at my grandma’s house. The girlie girl in me was drawn to the pink bar of soap. But that was years ago and Caress has certainly grown beyond the pink oval soap.
Fashion and beauty go hand in hand, that’s something we know for sure. So I was excited when I heard about Caress teaming up with top fashion experts, aka the Fabulistas, to offer women fashion and beauty advice all in one.
The three experts {June Ambrose, Sonia Castaneda and Lilliana Vazquez} dish out easy to digest style and beauty advice all while letting you know about Caress’ new body washes. I’ve tried the Passionate Spell Body Wash and it’s amazing {great lather without drying out the skin and the smell is divine!}.
June Ambrose is a top stylist for the stars you love {Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, etc.}, and while she has access to top designer threads, she offers tips everyday women can utilize.
The Caress Facebook page has a ton of useful videos but the one I really love is June’s advice on how to wear white after Labor Day.
Yes, there are still women who think white has to be stored away after September, but that’s so not true. It’s more about the material you choose to wear {no white linen pants in December!} versus the color.
Peep the short video below to see what tips June offers up for wearing winter whites.

I’m all for wearing white year round! Check out the Fabulistas page for more videos, including the must have pieces for winter and tips to feeling glam and gorgeous.
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