Brooklyn Flea Market – Vintage Finds

Posted On Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
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This weekend I partook in one of my favorite summer past times: I went to the flea market. And not just any flea market but the Brooklyn Flea market. The flea has 100+ vendors and is the perfect place to go hunting for accessories, vintage clothing and fun decorations for your home.

I didn’t pick anything up, but check out the awesome pieces I came across and a few tips if you’re hitting up your local flea market.

How adorable are these vintage luggage cases? Each piece was less than $15. Now this is how you travel in style. And some people even decorate with vintage suitcases.

Flea markets are also great places to go if you’re looking for old school electronics. The cameras were less than $20. And of course I had to play with the View-Master, which brought back childhood memories.

This box full of buttons was full of possibilities. Besides the obvious use of adding some flair to a blouse or dress, you can use these to make jewelry. Just glue the buttons to ring or earring backs {a few cents at your local craft store} and you have one of a kind accessories.   Many of the buttons were from the 50s or 60s and ranged in price from $1-$2.

Of course I had to check out the clothing as well.

Tons of bold print dresses were up for grabs. Prices ranged from affordable {$10} to a bit steeper {$50-$60}.

But the real standouts at the Brooklyn Flea Market were the accessories. I ooh’d and aah’d at every other booth, which featured vintage clip-on earrings, brooches and statement necklaces.

I believe the most expensive piece was $30, the panther brooch above. I’m kicking myself for not buying it. The tail of the panther actually moved!

I forgot to take photos of the furniture, which there was plenty. I came across a pony hair couch {$400}, diner style counter stools {$100 for a pair} and a lamp made out of books {$25}. These were pieces that you’re not going to find at your nearest Ikea or other furniture store.

The market also had a few food vendors, which is so necessary when you’re shopping under the hot summer sun.

A few basic tips if you plan to go to a flea market:

  • Bring Cash: self explanatory
  • Bargain: prices are rarely set in stone. Ask if the vendor can knock a few dollars off the price, especially if you’re buying more than one item from him or her.
  • Shop Around:  the first few booths may suck you in but do a quick lap around the market before deciding to drop any cash. You may find better prices.

If you’re in NYC and have never been to the Brooklyn Flea, it’s a must visit. But wherever you are, be sure to stop by your local flea for some one of a kind finds at wallet-friendly prices.

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One thought on “Brooklyn Flea Market – Vintage Finds

  1. Finding luggages in flea markets can be treasures, just like
    the plaid ones on your photos. Flea markets are havens for vintage stuff, and
    they sell because they’re both classy and affordable. Did I mention that the
    buttons are great for a collection too?

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