Bored with Your Wardrobe? Here are 7 Ways to Get Out of a Fashion Rut

Posted On Tuesday, February 21st, 2017
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“I have nothing to wear.”
“I’m wearing the same thing over and over.”
“What am I going to wear today?”
If you’ve repeatedly said any of the above, you might be bored with your wardrobe. And you feel your closet is full of “stuff” but you somehow have nothing to wear.
Luckily, you can get out of that fashion rut in a few easy ways. And most of these suggestions don’t involve spending a single penny. Here’s how to get un-bored with your wardrobe.

Toss Your Clothes
You know why you might have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? That’s probably because you hate what’s currently in your closet! Solution? Toss them. These clothes are taking up space and you don’t need that baggage. I know we all have an emotional attachment to certain clothes so we keep them around {the a-line dress you haven’t worn in years but you wore it the day you met your boyfriend, so it has sentimental value}. But these have no room in your closet. Can’t decide what clothes to toss or keep, check out this post {Closet Revamp: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself}.
Organize Your Closet
This isn’t just about color coordinating your closet, but specifically organizing your closet in the way you get dressed. Do you typically get dressed from top to bottom {deciding upon a shirt, then black pants} or is it the other way around? Whatever order you get dressed in is how your closet should be organized. So for you that might mean having shirts in the front of your closet because they’re the start of your wardrobe foundation. Set your space up so the flow of your wardrobe building process is seamless. This can also be a great way to see what your closet is missing and what you need more of.
Swap Out Your Hangers
This may seem silly, but changing your hangers really can create a more visually appealing closet but also makes getting dressed much easier. Slim fitting, uniform hangers store your clothes better and even free up space compared to bulky hangers. This simple task will alter the look of your closet, therefore giving it a fresh look and a fresh perspective. Again, this might seem insignificant, but it will make a world of difference once it’s done {I’m currently in the process of doing this!}.
Remix Your Go-To Look
We all have a fashion uniform we rely on. But you might be bored with your wardrobe because you’re wearing the same item {same skinny jeans, same t-shirt, same black blazer, same shoes} again and again. Switch it up slightly. You don’t have to ditch your fashion uniform, but add in a new element. Maybe that means the outfit you’d normally wear, but this time with a different pair of shoes or add in a fun accessory. One simple change can make a major difference in your wardrobe and keeps things from being stale.
Wear Your Favorite Pieces
Do you have a top five in your closet? Well, head to your closet and figure out what your absolute favorite clothes and shoes are. Instead of simply reveling in how pretty they are, ask yourself why you love them so much. Is it because the clothes are comfortable? Does the color look great against your skin? Determine what makes those pieces so special for you. This might mean you need more of those items in your closet.
Find Your Signature Style 
You might be stuck in a fashion rut and bored with your wardrobe because you haven’t embraced your signature style. And everyone has it, you just might not know it yet. For some people {self included!}, that means bright colors. Bold colors make me feel youthful, fun and automatically brighten up my day. For some that might mean prints and textures, neutrals, fun accessories, etc. Whatever it is, find it. Embrace it. Rock it.
Receive Help from a Stylish Friend
And when all else fails, phone a friend. Whether it’s a friend whose style you admire or someone who knows you and your style well, don’t be afraid to ask them for a little fashion help. You may think your closet is boring but your friend can be a set of fresh eyes to tell you and more importantly, show you, that you have so many options right in front of you.
Even the most fashionable people find themselves in a rut and bored with their style, but it’s super easy to inject some life in your closet and start having fun with fashion!
Are you happy with your wardrobe? What do you do when you feel bored with your clothes? 
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6 thoughts on “Bored with Your Wardrobe? Here are 7 Ways to Get Out of a Fashion Rut

  1. This is such a helpful post. Blogging has really made me realize that i wear the same 4 outfits everyday and seriously need to branch out. Forever 21 has been my go-to but I definitely need to clear out a couple drawers and get the creativity flowing.

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