Benefits of Thrift Shopping in a Small Town

Posted On Monday, October 21st, 2013
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Living in New York City means I have access to amazing thrift stores. There’s even a strip of secondhand shops on East 23rd Street where I had one of my last thrift shopping tours. You really can’t beat having seven day access to finding potential thrift store scores.
But what about people who don’t live in major cities? Well, you’re not out of luck. And I actually like thrift shopping in a quaint town. Here are 3 reason I prefer thrift shopping in a small town.
  • Less Competition
    I’ve seen crowds get really intense at some thrift stores. I’m talking shoving, pushing and people generally losing their minds at the thought of what they might find. Well, in general you don’t have to deal with that intensity in sleepy towns. I remember the first time I checked out Udelco vintage warehouse in Hawthorne, New Jersey. It’s a massive space of cheap vintage pieces and even on a Saturday afternoon, I was just one of five or six people there. When you’re not dealing with pushing and shoving, you can take your time and really enjoy the shopping experience.
  • Unique, Quirky Picks
    Of course you never know what you’ll find when you go thrifting. The inventory is constantly changing regardless of where you go. But I do think smaller towns tend to have more interesting, unique and even quirky clothes and accessories. And I don’t mean “interesting” in a bad way, but clothes that have serious character and details and have been donated by women who had amazing wardrobes in the 60s, 70s, etc.
  • Cheaper
    Some thrift shops in major areas aren’t exactly cheap. Remember my post on Have Thrift Stores Become Too Expensive? $20 for an average, non-designer secondhand dress is just ridiculous to me. But in smaller areas, the savings are endless. You can’t beat tops for less than $1 and 2-for-1 sales. The dress above was a few dollars from a shop in Ohio. I would have paid way more at any store in NYC.
So if you live in a small town or are visiting one, don’t overlook the thrift shop scene. You’ll be amazed at what you can find and your wallet {and closet} will thank you.
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4 thoughts on “Benefits of Thrift Shopping in a Small Town

  1. I thrift in various parts of MD and, sadly, can say that this is no longer the case for thrift stores there. I have a stash of amazing vintage pieces that I purchased super cheap at local thrift stores. I’m glad I held on to them because those kinds of finds are no more. Thrift stores, in MD anyway, have become super expensive and the it’s rare to find good pieces anymore. Those they put on their websites (yes thrift stores have websites now) and raise the prices.

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