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Posted On Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
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Beauty on a Dime: Dark and Lovely Au Natural collection When it comes to fashion, I know my stuff. But for all things hair and beauty, I have to admit that I’m a bit baffled. Though I’ve had natural hair for the past six years, I still find myself on the hunt for products that moisturize my super dry locs.

A few weeks ago I was invited to an event for the Dark and Lovely Anti-Breakage line, which has no alcohol, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens and aims to fight damage and retain hair growth. I don’t think I’ve used Dark and Lovely since my relaxed days, but I was curious.

After trying the products for the past three weeks, I can confidently say I’ve found some new favorites.

Before I start, let me begin by saying I typically use a variety of items, versus using the same line’s shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, etc. But I finally decided to use an entire system, starting with the shampoo and ending off with the hair butter. Note: the only non-Dark and Lovely products I used included coconut oil and a cheap drugstore conditioner as a pre-treatment for 15 minutes.

Here are my thoughts on the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Breakage system.

1. The shampoo, or as it’s called, a Tension Release Hair Wash, didn’t leave my hair feeling stripped or overly dry, which is one of the reasons I tend to use conditioner more than shampoo.

2. The Strength Restoring Conditioner had a thick enough consistency that it coated my hair while I left it on for about 15 minutes and there was no drip! After using the wash and conditioner, my hair felt and looked soft and had a sheen, without having the squeaky clean sound that you usually get when your hair’s be stripped of any moisture.

3. The combination of the Root to Tip Mender and then the Super Softening Hair Butter was great post-wash and helped to seal in moisture, which became really obvious the next morning.

4. Speaking of the next morning, I took my two-strand twists out and I could see and feel how soft my hair was. Also, my twists were super defined and my curls may have even been a bit more elongated than usual.

I always like to see how products hold up after a few days {versus the first wash day} and these got the stamp of approval.

Beauty on a Dime: textured bun with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale

A few days later I rocked a super soft and sleek bun for a last minute meeting.

Beauty on a Dime: Dark and Lovely Au Natural Anti-Breakage review

And a week later my chunky twists were free of tangles and moist {I didn’t apply product again until day four, a dab of the hair butter and coconut oil on my ends}.

The Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Breakage line is in drugstores, beauty supply shops, etc. now and each bottle averages $10.

Have you ever tried the Anti-Breakage line or any of the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale collection?

Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anit-Breakage review

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