5 Killer Ways to Accessorize a Used Wedding Gown

Posted On Monday, January 27th, 2014
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Easy Ways to Accessorize a Secondhand Wedding Gown

Let’s face it, wedding dresses are a large and unavoidable expense.  Even an obsessed “cheapo” like myself had to perform special online Jedi maneuvers to find an affordable wedding dress a year ago {and I still couldn’t find it on sale.  Grrr.}

Thankfully, there’s an emerging market of used wedding dresses online and on consignment ripe for the picking {and I’m not talking about Aunt Sally’s moo moo}.  I’ve put together some fabulously doable ways to accessorize a simple preowned wedding dress into an absolute showstopper without pricey alterations!  

Read on for ways to personalize a preowned wedding dress without busting your wedding budget.

**Wear statement jewelry to add glam to an understated dress** how to accessorize a wedding dress, statement jewelry statement jewelry wedding dress, secondhand wedding dress Source: 1, 2

Visit Rent The Runway for affordable rental statement jewelry options.  I rented jewelry as my “something borrowed” and I definitely recommend this site for their quality product and reliable service.  Not into renting?  Etsy has some reasonably priced pieces to achieve the stunning looks above.

**Use fabric flowers on straps or around the waist for a dainty touch**

diy belt, diy wedding belt, secondhand wedding dress

Purchase this sash above on Etsy at RomanticARTLife or try your hand at a simple fabric flower DIY tutorial at Youtique Bridal

**Try a bolero or shrug for a romantic neckline** 

lace bolero, wedding dress bolero

Purchase the shrug on Etsy at Ayasophia and buy this bolero on Etsy at Hollystalder.
**Create your own convertible wedding dress with a tulle skirt and a preowned corset or structured dress**
Source: 1
Buy this skirt from Etsy at TutusChicBoutique
**Give a used dress a shiny glow with an embellished belt**
Purchase these belts on Etsy at LucyBridalBoutique.

Feeling inspired? These looks make me want to get married all over again!  If you can’t find a thrift store that carries used wedding dresses in your area, sites like Preowned Wedding Dresses and Once Wed are a great resource for gowns.  

Now over to you!  Would you wear a used wedding dress?  If you have, what ways did you personalize it?

About the author: Taylor Gordon is a freelance blogger from D.C.  When she isn’t obsessively searching for deals you can find her instagramming photos of her cat Zeus and blogging about personal finance and budget living on her blog, www.TrendyCheapo.com.  Like Trendy Cheapo on Facebook or follow her @TrendyCheapo on Twitter.
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