4 Stylish Ways to Display Shoes and Accessories

Posted On Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
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Keeping your shoes and accessories organized can be a fun way to beautify your room and really show off your goods. Displaying your favorite fashion elements will keep your space looking neat and chic. Not only can you buy affordable organizers but you can make stylish ones that show off your unique fashion sense.
Here are four ways to store your accessories.
China Cabinet 
Want to show off your fabulous footwear? An old china cabinet with a new paint job can do the trick and elegantly display your shoes. Sure, you can buy a new cabinet or save by scoring one from a garage sale, flea market or thrift store. Have fun with bold paint and/or by wallpapering the background.
Antique Picture Frame
This beautiful and elegant display is easy to do and will look great in any bedroom. Give it a try with this DIY jewelry frame display from Lia Griffith.
Bookshelves are a super cute way to organize your bags, shoes, jewelry, etc. and can easily be customized to create a unique look. Ikea always has a ton of affordable shelving units for less than $100 and in varying sizes that work with your living space. Assembly is the most frustrating part, but afterwards, you can paint, add boxes, baskets and more.
Crown Molding
When your space is really limited or you just want to utilize your wall space better, a trip to your local hardware store is all you need. Lining an entire wall or just a corner with crown molding can hold several pairs of your most beloved shoes. Check out this DIY crown molding video.
From picture frames to bookshelves, how do you store your shoes and accessories? Are you more likely to buy a storage solution or create your own with some DIY magic?
About the author: Gabriela Penaherrera is a aspiring fashion journalist who loves to shop, travel and spend time with loved ones, especially her dog Rigby. You can check her out on Tumblr or follow her on Twitter @Gaby_Penaherrer.
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5 thoughts on “4 Stylish Ways to Display Shoes and Accessories

  1. I sometimes buy and sometimes create. Last summer I found on Kijiji a VHS/DVD 4-tier shelf for FREE and use it for my shoes.

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