3 Services Target Offers that You May Not Know About

Posted On Monday, June 23rd, 2014
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I consider myself to be a Target connoisseur. I mean, I make regular trips to the bullseye mecca on a weekly basis. Sometimes it’s to buy cat food for my little kitty, Chauncey, or I’m just browsing the clothes and accessories. And you know I love the Target dollar bins!
But I was so surprised to learn Target has a college registry. Did you know that?
Check out a few other Target services and resources you may have overlooked.
College Registry
The aforementioned college registry at Target is still new and is currently in the beta phase. It’s only available online {sorry, no running through the aisles with those cool registry guns!} for undergrads to add items they’ll need for the upcoming school year. From home decor to electronics to dining options, they can click an item and add to their list of must-haves. Family members can access the registry online and purchase the selections for the collegiate.
Delivery Subscriptions
I totally overlooked this {am I the only one?!}, but Target offers a subscription service that allows you to have select items automatically delivered to you. Categories include baby products, beauty goods, groceries and more. This service is a must if you have certain items you use consistently. You determine how often they’re delivered {ever 4, 6, 8 weeks, etc.} and of course you can change the schedule at any time. Besides the convenience, what I really love is that you save five percent on your purchase and shipping is free.
Store Pickup
Another convenient Target service is in store pickup. It’s pretty simple. Order online and pick it up in stores, usually on the same day! After you place your order, Target sends you a “ready for pickup” email and you retrieve your goods at guest services. You can even have someone else pick the order up for you. This is a perfect way to save time and avoid crowded aisles and check out.
I think I’m going to give the subscription service a try soon, especially for health and beauty items.
Have you ever heard of or tried any of the Target services above? What was your experience like?
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