3 Reasons Not to Buy Something at a Thrift Store

Posted On Monday, December 23rd, 2013
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3 reasons not to buy, 3 reasons to not buy at a thrift store Buyer’s remorse is something that happens to the best of us. And this really happens when it comes to thrifting. Speaking from personal experience, I can admit, it’s hard not to get hypnotized by the cheap prices and just throw everything in the bag.

But there are ways to ensure you won’t get something home and question why you were foolish enough to buy it. Here are three tips to keep in mind before buying anything.

vintage electronics, salvation army 46th street

“It’s so cute and quirky!”
One of the reasons I love thrifting is because you can always find fun, out of the ordinary pieces. From clothes to home decor, you never know when you’ll score that one of a kind find. I found this vintage sewing machine at the Salvation Army in Hell’s Kitchen and everyone on Twitter and Instagram commented that they hoped I bought it.

Well, I absolutely did not. It was beautiful, no doubt about it, but what would I do with it? If I collected vintage electronics or even had the space on a mantel, dresser or closet for the sewing machine, then maybe I would have bought it. But none of the above applied to me, so buying it would have been $50 down the drain.

Just because an item is unique doesn’t mean it has a place in your home or closet. But if it’s quirky, yet useful in some way, then buy it!

bcbg max azria, bcbg dress, satin dress

“But it’s such a great deal!”
Do you see the dress above? It’s a horrible pic and the frock is wrinkled, but it’s a BCBG Max Azria satin dress with tags still attached. It originally retailed for $338 and was at the Salvation Army for $15 and was marked down to $7.50 for Family Day {50 percent off most clothes and shoes on Wednesdays}.

I wasn’t really wowed by the dress or cut. But if I would have been caught up in the awesome price, label or bragging rights of saying I scored BCBG for less than 10 bucks, I would have bought it…and it would have collected dust in my already crowded closet.

If the stellar price is your only reason for buying it, leave it behind.

I know I promised you three tips, but I want the third tip to come from you.

Weigh in: when have you suffered buyer’s remorse while thrift shopping? What did you buy? How do you avoid the dreaded buyer’s remorse?

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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Not to Buy Something at a Thrift Store

  1. I’ve done this plenty of times. I look at how great a bargain is and I buy it!!! And another one, buying something because I think I’ll eventually fit in to it.

  2. If you love vintage clothes, my tip is do not buy something just because it is vintage. Make sure the condition is good and it is something you will wear. What good is a cool vintage item that never sees the light of day because it is unwearable?

  3. Don’t forget–Don’t buy it if it’s stained. I’ve found out the hard way, that a lot of stains, esp the ones that have “set” in clothing, don’t come out, You end up wasting MORE money trying to fix something you should have left at the store.

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