3 DIY Projects to Revamp Your Home

Posted On Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
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Looking Fly on a Dime: Home Decor DIY Projects

Decorating can be crazy expensive and time consuming. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home or apartment {summer is prime time moving season!} or you’re looking to upgrade your current space. It’s easy to use a bit of creativity to beautify your space.

Check out 3 summer DIY projects for your home. Don’t worry, anyone of any skill can pull these off.
Sparkly Bedroom
Your bedroom isn’t just the place you rest your head. You can turn it into your zen den with this easy project. All you need is a curtain and a string of lights. This is a perfect, affordable solution to a standard headboard. Doesn’t it kinda look like a summer rooftop party right in your bedroom?
Custom Bar Cart
Decor on a Dime: DIY Bar Cart  source
Bar carts are having a serious moment right now, but they can also cost a serious penny! However, you can make your own by using a chest of drawers or cabinet you already have or even buy one from the thrift store. Add a bit of spray and a lucite or metallic tray and you’re set. Cheers! 
Sunburst Mirror
Mirrors are a great way to add light and even make a room look larger. This sunburst mirror has such a funky vibe. Though gluing the branches around the mirror can be a bit tedious, the actual process is simple.
Have you taken on any DIY home projects? What rooms are you tackling this summer?
About the author: Gabriela Penaherrera is an aspiring fashion journalist who loves to shop, travel and spend time with loved ones, especially her dog Rigby. You can check her out on Tumblr or follow her on Twitter @Gaby_Penaherrer.
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